Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday Sale!

I am having a Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday sale, starting now, where everything in my shop will be 30% off! No coupon needed. This is the best deal of the season, and the rest won't get better, so buy now! This includes everything, jewelry, ornaments, headpieces, keepsake boxes. All of it is on sale. And remember, through December 31, all jewelry (excluding ornament earrings) ships free, no coupon necessary!

Here are some previews of jewelry I have made, some are listed, some aren't, keep checking back to see when your favorites are live.

These angel earrings can be found in my shop. 

These should be in my shop very soon.

These white Christmas tree earrings can be found in my shop. 

These jingle bell earrings can be found in my shop soon.

The following aren't in my shop yet, but will be soon. I just made these over the past two days and took pictures and edited them today. 

Christmas gift earrings.

Champagne Christmas tree earrings.

Candle earrings made with all Swarovski crystal.

White Christmas tree earrings made with Czech pressed beads.

I hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving with lots of good food! I am able to have two Thanksgivings this year, one on Thursday and one on Friday. We'll spend Thursday with my boyfriend's family, and Friday with mine. Hope everyone enjoys their feasts! Don't forget, 30% off until Monday!

Friday, November 15, 2013

25% Off My Entire Shop!

From 11/15-11/17, everything in my shop is going to be 25% off! I mean everything, jewelry, keepsake boxes, even ornaments. This is a great time to buy ornaments!

I will be having a sale every weekend until the 2nd of January, with a break around the time when it is too late to order for Christmas delivery. I won't tell you what sales, though, they'll all be a surprise!

A few updates. I've been working on holiday jewelry. So far I have a white Christmas tree, a green Christmas tree, a sparking angel, and some jingle bell earrings. Look for these to be listed soon.

I am working on, but have not yet finished, a mistletoe necklace and earring set, holly berry earrings, and candle earrings.

I have also made more wine glass charms. These are not holiday oriented, just fun. They are made with bells and like colored seed beads. I have gold, hot pink, blue, turquoise, and other colors. Those will be a fun addition to any party.

I am hoping to finish some napkin holders in time for December. I am awaiting the supplies. I am also awaiting supplies for another green Christmas tree (which will be different than the first), a holly berry necklace, and gift earrings.

Please check Moonlight Eternal soon for the Christmas tree earrings, angel earrings, and jingle bell earrings.

Thank you, and stay tuned for more sales and specials throughout the Christmas season!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

October Updates

I added five new items in October to my artfire shop, all of them wine glass charms. Wine glass charms are perfect for the upcoming hosting season, because they simply slip onto a stemmed glass and then you know which glass is yours. Now if you set your glass down to go to the bathroom and come back to find that there is another glass just like yours next to it, you'll know which one is yours because of the wine glass charm!

Four sets are Christmas or holiday themed, and one set is Hanukkah themed.

This set is made with Swarovski crystal round beads in green, red, silver, and gold.

This set is made with Swarovski crystal bicone beads in red, green, gold, and silver.

This set is made with red Czech Christmas tree beads. The accompanying colors are gold, red, green, and silver, also in Czech glass.

This set is made with green Czech Christmas tree beads. The accompanying colors are gold, red, green, and silver.

This set is the Hanukkah set. It is in blue and silver.

Wine glass charms are easy to use. Simply pull the long piece of wire out of the little hole. Fit it around your stem, then put the wire back in the hole. Don't worry, the wire won't fall out; these are very secure. When you're finished, simply repeat the process and store for your next get-together.

I've been adding items to my Etsy shop. Nothing that isn't already in my Artfire shop, just adding things so my shop isn't so empty now that it's holiday shopping time. I've added a few of the wine glass charms, and some more ornament earrings.

For November, I plan to make Christmas and holiday themed jewelry, like Christmas tree earrings, a mistletoe necklace, and wreath earrings. I already have a lot of Christmas and holiday themed jewelry in my Artfire shop, so you should check it out.  I have ornament necklaces as well as earrings, bracelets, all sorts of earrings like holly and poinsettias and snowflakes, earring and ring sets like snowmen, and a lot more. So definitely go have a look and see if there isn't something there already that you like.

Don't forget my Christmas ornaments! These are one of a kind creations that you won't find anywhere else. I have glittery ornaments, ribbon ornaments, sequin ornaments, and Victorianesque ornaments.

And coming soon for the holiday shopping season, I am going to offer free shipping on all jewelry (except ornament earrings and necklaces)!! Please note, this is only applicable to jewelry, not to ornaments, headbands, or keepsake boxes, etc. Wine glass charms already have free shipping. You'll be able to see what does and doesn't ship free in my shop, because there will be a little banner on the side that says Free Ship. This is coming soon, I am still working on it, but it will debut in November. Watch my Facebook page for all the updates, and don't forget to join my mailing list (to the right of the page)! I will have many sales and specials in November and December, so don't miss out. Come join us today!

As always, thank you for shopping and reading Moonlight Eternal. Stay tuned for many updates in November. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

If You Love Bargains...

I don't have many updates for August, I've been busy working on recipes and formulas. A lot of the bath salts have been purchased, but I'll be sure to post the rest as soon as I can. But I thought I would post this because I know I love bargains!

If you love cute clothes for women, children, maternity and plus sizes; if you love shoes, handbags, and accessories; if you love useful appliances and kitchen accessories; if you love bedding, bedroom, and bathroom accessories; and you love getting discounts... You'll love Zulily. It's a discount site that sells all that and more. You can get amazing discounts. I've bought clothes that retailed for $70 for only $19.99. There are name brands and off-label brands, some are more well-known than others, but everything I've bought has been high quality. And in the few short months I've been a member, I've purchased a lot. Simply use the link above and register as a new customer. It's that easy. Every day, they'll email you the sales that are going on that day; there are new sales every day. And not just a few, a lot. I'll warn you now, the site is geared towards mothers, so there's a lot of kid clothing, but there's more than a few sales every single day for regular women's clothing, and plus sizes, too. Along with maternity wear and nursing accessories.

So whether you're pregnant, a mom, or don't have kids, you'll find something on Zulily. I'm inviting you using my link so you can become a member. Yes, I do get credit for this, but once you sign up, you'll be able to invite people and earn credit for yourself. If you're on Pinterest, I have a Board with a lot of cute finds from Zulily. I've purchased most of the items on there, but not all of them. Some of them I simply like, so I pin. For those of you not on Pinterst, I'm going to post some pics of the stuff I've bought, just as a preview to what you can expect to find. But trust me, there is so much more than what I'm going to show you. Shoes, dresses, skirts, tops, sweaters, vests, scarves, hats, bags, glasses, there are so many clothing options. And don't forget that they have home sales, too. I haven't purchased anything from that category yet, so I can't show you anything, but some of the things include knives, plates, glasses, storage containers, bedding, shower curtains, soap dispensers, shower caddies, computers (there's a sale today on HP touch screen computers), appliances like ice cream makers, toasters, coffee makers, hand and stand mixers (including brands like Cuisinart), things for entertaining like napkin rings and wine glass markers, mobiles and crib bedding for babies, baking pans of all shapes and sizes (including pumpkins, fish, and leaves), and so much more.



I bought this for $19.99 and it retails for $66. I bought this for $19.99 and it retails for $48. I'm wearing it right now, actually, and it's really soft and comfy.


Photobucket  I got this for only $9.99, it retailed for $18. Photobucket
 I paid $7.99 and they retail for $20. They're really nice, actually, they're soft and warm. Can't wait for winter weather when I'll need them. Photobucket I bought this for $16.99 and it retailed for $70. Zulily told me $32, but when it arrived, the tag on it had a suggested retail price of $70.
 I bought this for $19.99 and it retails for $43. It's really comfortable and soft and I love that it's hooded. Photobucket This guy was $8.99 and retailed for $12. Photobucket This one was $11.99 and retailed for $18.00. Photobucket This was $11.99 and retails for $24. Photobucket This was $16.99 and retails for $68. Photobucket This awesome cup was only $5.99 and retails for $10.
 This silk-pashmina blend scarf was $10.99 and retails for $35. Photobucket This shirt was $14.99 and retails for $40. Photobucket This maxi dress was $18.99 and retails for $52. Photobucket This ring was only $8.99 and retails for $20.

That's not everything I've purchased, but a lot of it. As you can see, all of it was a great bargain, all of it was at least 40% off, if not more. Usually more. Another great thing about Zulily is that you only pay shipping for one purchase, and it's as low as $5.99 (larger purchases like computers or strollers might have higher shipping charges, but I've never purchased anything big so can't say how much). So long as you ship the next order to the same address, the shipping is free for the rest of the day. I recommend buying one thing, paying the $5.99, then purchasing everything else you want in a separate order, with free shipping. If you purchase everything in one order, you'll pay a higher shipping charge and miss out on free shipping. On Fridays, you get free shipping for the rest of the weekend! Until midnight PST Sunday, you get free shipping if you buy anything on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. So I really like that, too.

The main downside to Zulily is that you can't return anything. They don't keep an inventory at a warehouse or anything; you buy something and they send their order to the manufacturer, who then sends them however many whatevers they ordered. Then Zulily sends it to you. So Zulily is sort of the middle man, which is how you get such fantastic bargains. But the downside to that is that there are no returns. But so far, I've been happy with everything I've ordered, so it hasn't been a problem for me. The other downside of Zulily not keeping a warehouse is that it takes a while to get your orders. Zulily will usually tell you that something will ship in 2 to 3 weeks, but every order I've ever made has shipped before their projected shipping date. It probably takes about 10-14 days to get your purchase. Sometimes they have things that ship right away, but most of the time you have to wait. So if you're buying something last minute as a gift, keep that in mind.

I hope I've convinced some of you to join Zulily, it's a really fun place to shop. I've made 24 purchases since June, and that doesn't count what I want to buy today. Yes, I do get credit if you sign up and make a purchase, I'll fully disclose that. But once you sign up, you can invite friends and then *you'll* get credits. You can get endless credits, but you only get one credit per friend you invite. You don't keep getting credits every time they purchase something, just the first time. They say you'll get $15, but I just had a friend make a purchase and I got $20, so I'm not sure what's up with that, but know you'll get at least $15. So hopefully some of you will go check it out. Happy shopping!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

June and July Updates

I know I missed June and July updates. Sorry about that. But between my health and my recent move, I haven't been able to keep up much with the blog or with jewelry. I have either been very busy packing and unpacking and organizing, or else stuck in bed in pain because of the fibromyalgia. So I don't have any new items to list, since I haven't made any.

I am hoping that in August, I will have a better update, with new items to show off. I have some projects planned already, including a WWPD bracelet--What Would Picard Do? That's right, Captain Jean Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise. When you have a tough decision to make, the easy answer is: What Would Picard Do?

I also have a Christmas-themed hair piece I plan to make, with red and green crystals. It might seem early to think of Christmas, but it's never to early to start planning for Christmas. I also have ornaments I need to decorate, which will be a lot of fun.

I still have to take pictures of the bath salts; I know I keep saying I'll do it, but I really have been busy moving, and when I haven't been busy moving, I've been feeling crappy because of the fibromyalgia. It's hard to get things done when you're in constant pain.

As I said, I hope to have a more complete update available for you in the August update, fingers crossed.

Thank you for reading,


Moonlight Eternal

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

May Updates

Since my last update I've been pretty busy, but most of it has been behind the scenes stuff. I have listed one item, a pretty gunmetal necklace with grey crystals.

I have been making a custom order for some coral jewelry. I made a necklace with silk cord and coral sticks, and earrings with coral sticks. I would post the pictures, even though they aren't great, but blogger isn't cooperating with me right now.

I have also been working on bath salts. I have finished all the sample bottles of bath salts and just need to take pictures of them and list them. Some of the scents include dogwood, island flower (a blend of plumeria, pikake, and frangipani), raspberry lychee, french vanilla buttercream, and strawberry watermelon. I know I said I hoped to get those listed in April, but things have come up, so it will probably have to wait until June.

I don't know how many of you know this, but I have fibromyalgia. It's a condition that, for me, is characterized by widespread chronic pain. The kind of pain that never goes away. There is also fatigue involved. I haven't been doing that well concerning the fibro lately, so I haven't been making much jewelry. I'm hoping to get started on more jewelry projects soon, though. I'm also hoping to branch more into bath and body soon, too, but can't give an ETA on that. I will probably start with lotions and body spray, then eventually add body wash, shampoo, and conditioner. But again, I can't give a date when this will occur, because it depends on many things, first and foremost my health. I just wanted to share with my readers what we have to look forward to.

I also have three keepsake boxes waiting to be completed. One is going to be for a young girl, pink and glittery, with flowers and butterflies on it. It will make for a perfect treasure box. But I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the other two. Any suggestions?

Well, that is what is going on behind the scenes at Moonlight Eternal. As always, thank you for reading!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

April Updates

Just checking in to provide updates for April. Since my last update, I've listed four anklets. I don't know, I seem to be on an anklet spree lately. I also listed a Spring circlet with pretty blush berries.

This is an anklet made with pretty twisted linked wires that catches the light almost as much as the faceted teal bead dangles.

This is pink anklet is made with genuine Swarovski crystals.

This anklet features dark red genuine Swarovski crystals and small red Czech glass beads with a copper clasp.

I liked this anklet so much, I made a version for myself. It's gunmetal wire and sparkling faceted beads that are backed with silver.

And this is the blush berries circlet. I think it's perfect for Spring and Summer weddings. Perfect for the flower girl, maid of honor, even the bride!

I'm working hard on bath salts right now. I'll have samples listed by the end of this month. My favorites so far are Stargazer Lily, Summer Flower (a mix of plumeria, frangipani, and pikaki), Jasmine Tuberose, and Mango Pina Colada. I've finished three full sized bags of dead sea salts. These are all natural made with 100% pure essential oils. I've got a sore muscles blend, which includes epsom salts, marjoram and camphor essential oils, a sensual blend with geranium and ylang ylang essential oils, and a relaxing blend with lavender and lemon essential oils. I hope to also get those listed by the end of the month.

As always, thank you for reading and shopping Moonlight Eternal. Check back next month for another update!

Monday, March 11, 2013

March Updates

I am going to try and give a monthly update of the goings on at Moonlight Eternal. Since February, I have added many new items to my shop. Here is a brief summary: I've added 5 anklets, 3 bracelets, and 5 necklace and earring sets. Here are just a few words on my favorite pieces.

This is a coral-colored bamboo coral anklet. I love the color and think it is just perfect for summer.

This is an anklet I made with bamboo coral sticks. I considered keeping this one for myself, but it doesn't fit me. I really like the shape of the sticks.

This anklet is made of teeny tiny pearls. They are only around 3 millimeters long! This dainty anklet is perfect for summer dates and weddings.

I really like these rice-shaped mother of pearl beads. The addition of the Swarovski crystals really makes this design stand out. This is perfect for casual and dressy styles.

 This is a unisex bracelet design made with glass and bone beads. I really like the way the black matte beads mix with the bone beads.

Blue goldstone is one of my favorite 'gemstones'. Not a gemstone at all, it is actually glass with copper flecks in it, creating the beautiful illusion of diamonds in a night sky.

I really like the way the copper wire complements the goldstone in this piece. This is my first copper wire-work design, but definitely not my last.

I have some gunmetal necklaces that I need to list, four spring head pieces, a green necklace with bugle beads that look like blades of grass, a pink Swarovski anklet, and a sparkly gunmetal anklet. I am currently working on bath salts and the young girls' picture/treasure box. It will be pink with lots of flowers, butterflies, and perhaps even dragonflies. Hopefully some lace, as well. Don't expect the bath salts until April, though. I will start by offering samples, and then choose scents for full size products after I see what does and doesn't sell. After that, my next project will be roll-on perfumes.

As always, thank you for reading and shopping Moonlight Eternal!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Four Years Old

Today my business, Moonlight Eternal, is four years old. I was only 21 when I started my business in 2009. I feel blessed and humbled by all of the support I have received, and I thank each and every customer who has ever purchased from me. I owe my success to all of you as much as I owe it to myself. Without you, Moonlight Eternal could never have lasted this long.

I intend to keep Moonlight Eternal open for as long as possible. I hope to expand and offer new products. I've recently started making picture/keepsake boxes. I have two Valentine's Day boxes on my site right now. I have a winter box finished, I just need to take pictures of it and list it. I plan to do a spring box, with a field of ribbon roses and a beautiful blue sky. I also want to offer a box with a midnight theme, a dark blue sky with glittering stars. And a box for young girls, with lace and flowers and a princess theme. I have more ideas for boxes, but those will have to be a surprise.

I also hope to offer some bath and body products very soon. Bath salts and roll-on perfumes will be the first to debut, but I also hope to offer milk baths, bath bombs, and 100% natural whipped soap. Eventually I would like to offer body butters, bath and body oils, scrubs, wax tarts, even lip balms. But all of that is far into the future. I hope to offer more choices by the end of the year.

I will of course continue to make jewelry. My jewelry creations will always come first. I hope to soon offer higher end jewelry, with more sterling silver and beautiful gemstones. Perhaps vermail and gold filled jewelry, in the future. I also plan to offer pieces that better reflect my brand and image. Think black and gunmetal wires and findings, dark stones, chokers, and darkly beautiful pieces. I also hope to offer an even wider variety than I do now, to include copper and gold jewelry as well as silver and gunmetal.

That is what is in store for Moonlight Eternal in 2013. As always, thank you for reading. To celebrate my 4 year anniversary, everything in my shop is 15% off. No coupon necessary, the sale price has already been applied. Happy shopping, and thank you for your continual support. I owe my success equally to myself and to you, the customer. Without you, Moonlight Eternal would not exist.

Thank you.


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