Thursday, November 25, 2010

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Hello, hope everyone is having a wonderful Thanksgiving (or a wonderful day if you aren't in the US). We aren't very traditional, so we had a pork loin that I seasoned beautifully (if I do say so myself!) with no salt, that was delicious. There were also mashed potatoes and gravy, stove top stuffing (don't know how to stuff a loin), some cranberry sauce, and rolls that I forgot to bake. Oops. Luckily, I did remember to bake the most important part--the pumpkin pie, of course! It's very yummy, even if the crust did not turn out the way it should have. My cat will get her own Thanksgiving feast when I feed her some tuna later.

Now onto the good part: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Moonlight Eternal has already started the sale; 20% off everything plus free gifts with every order. And free shipping for orders over $25. The 20% has already been applied. There is no coupon necessary for sale prices or free gift, but to receive free shipping, use coupon FreeSH25. 

You probably want to know what the free gift is. Well, they're all different. Rings, hair ties, bracelets, ribbon jewelry, jewel ornaments. If you have a color preference, let me know, but I make no promises. Here are some pictures of examples (not actual items, examples):

 Acrylic jewel ornament, for the tree or for anywhere you'd like some sparkle.

 An example of a ring you might receive.

Example of a ribbon bracelet you may receive. 

 Example of a bracelet you might receive. 

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving. For those of you braving the lines, crowds, and weather for those Black Friday deals, don't worry, this sale will run through Tuesday. I am working to get more ornaments listed and a few unique jewelry gifts, so check back often! Follow me on Twitter, every item I list is tweeted. 

Thanks as always for reading, have a great weekend!

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