Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What's New?

Hello everyone! Just a post to keep everyone updated of what I'm doing, what to expect, and the latest news. I'm hoping to do this about once a week, depending on whether I have news to share.

I have been busy uploading new things, I will get to that later. I have been creating new things as well. I have two pairs of Christmas earrings waiting to be uploaded. Yes, Christmas! It will be here before we know it! Both pairs feature adorable glass candy canes and sparkly beads. I have another pumpkin candle holder and an apple candle holder. A cuff bracelet in Autumn colors of reds, golds, and oranges. I also have two very unique rings and two necklaces, one with a butterfly pendant and the other with a blue gecko pendant. Yes, a gecko. It's pretty awesome.

I also have a lot of projects I'm working on. I am working on a LOT of Christmas ornaments. It's very exciting. I am working on matte gold ornaments with gold glitter swirls and with silver glitter swirls. Matte green ornaments with flocked words, such as joy and noel, and with flocked snowflakes. Matte green ornaments with silver swirls and glitter, with red glitter swirls. Matte gold ornaments with red and gold sequins, with gorgeous Victorian-esque jewels. Matte red with gold rhinestones, with swirls of green microbeads, with green sequins and rhinestones. Matte green with clear rhinestones in two sizes and with red sequins and green rhinestones.

Rhinestones, glitter, sequins, can you tell I adore sparkles?! But I just think sparkly ornaments look so magical in the twinkle of Christmas lights. I am also working on ribbon ornaments with a styrofoam base. I will try and get work in progress pics of soon, but I can't promise anything. I always forget to take pictures of works in progress because I'm concentrating so hard on what I'm doing!

I do have more ideas for ornaments and Christmas. I have one mini-wreath ornament complete and plan to make more, in rustic designs and sparkly ones. I do have some little 'filler' ornaments of acrylic jewels, and will be working on more in various colors. I have pink ornaments just ready for pink rhinestones, swirls, glitter or flocking. I am working on sequin ornaments. I have some ornaments from last year I didn't quite finish, including blue ones with words and snowflakes and sparkles. I have more swirl ornaments with two or three colors swirled around, and plan to do something similar with glitter paints, we'll see how that goes.

I am hoping to make more primitive or rustic designs, but I can't promise anything. I am trying to make items that aren't sparkly, but it just doesn't seem complete until it sparkles! But I'm trying. I want to incorporate more natural items in my ornaments/decor, such as pinecones, moss, shells, and rocks. I am hoping to make little decorations such as clay snowmen, sparkly faux fruit, small birds and animals.

Recently, I have purchased a lot of supplies, so be on the lookout for brand new materials. A small list includes malachite, howlite carved into skulls and dyed turquoise, large seraphinite beads (these are gorgeous, I'm hoping to find more!) and prehnite nuggets, which I also love.

Here are the latest items I've listed. You can buy them right here, you don't even have to leave the blog to do it!

From top to bottom:

Brass flowers bracelet. This bracelet is made of large antiqued brass links and brass flowers with crystal centers.

Happy Halloween earring set. You get both pairs of earrings for the low price of $6.50! Perfect for Halloween, one pair says Happy Halloween, the other says Trick or Treat.

Moon and Stars Earring set. Another set of two for one low price. You get a pair of moons and a pair of stars. Mix and match for a moon in one year and a star in the other!

Handmade crystal ball charms. These are handmade by me. The crystal ball is frosted glass resting on a stand of a bead cap. There are loops on both ends to use the charm as a link, or to dangle something from the bottom. But if you don't want dangles, the loop is hidden by the bead cap so it looks like it's resting on a headpin.

Lastly, a Brown Rhodochrosite bracelet. Typically, rhodochrosite is a lovely shade of pink, but this rhodochrosite is brown, with beautiful banding. I've added in some sparkling goldstone to accent the rich browns in the gem.

And lastly, here are some work in progress pics of the ornaments I spoke of. I'm sorry this is so long, but thank you so much for reading! Hopefully, if I update every week or so, the updates will be shorter. But I've been working on so many things I want you all to know about, I can't make any promises! Thanks again!!

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