Thursday, October 28, 2010

Moonlight Eternal Enchanted

Moonlight Eternal Enchanted is my new shop! It's a little bare right now, I admit, but give me a chance. Right now, I have mostly supplies. I plan to add more supplies. Jewelry supplies, of course, including glass, gemstones, wood, bone, acrylic, I have tons of beads I bought that are either left overs or that I liked when I bought them, but have since changed tastes. Also findings and components, maybe old tools. But also craft supplies, anything from fabric to rhinestones to buttons to ribbon.

Of course, I also plan to offer handmade creations. Right now, I have one keepsake box, in the shape of a coffin. I plan to offer a wide variety of items. I explore new crafts often, and the results will likely be from a variety of techniques and mediums. There are many things I plan to try, including wreaths and floral arrangements; bath and body, including bath salts, milk baths, facial masks, perfumes. I do eventually want to add lotions and shower gels, but those are a bit harder to do naturally, I am looking for the recipes though, trust me! I want to make scrubs, too, and melt and pour soap. Couple my clumsiness with an insatiably curious cat and I don't think cold or hot process soap will ever appeal to me. And maybe even skin care and hair care lines, the sky is the limit!

There are a lot of crafts I am trying or want to try. I do like making keepsake boxes, and have been as gifts for many years, so you will definitely see more in my shop. Also various home decor such as seasonal decorations, I love seasons and holidays! I plan to play with clay soon, so perhaps figures and beads will be available. Other things I want to experiment with include embellishing items such as cat collars and clothing, etching and painting glass, more faux fruit candle holders, and crocheted object, most likely scarves and other simple things.

Honestly, it may be just as big of a surprise for ME to see what I add as you, so stick around and we can make the journey together!

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