Sunday, October 3, 2010

Latest Items

Just a quick update with the items I've recently been listing.

Black Skull Skeleton Key Necklace

This was a fun piece for me because this started life as a Halloween decoration. This immediately caught my eye because... well, why wouldn't it catch my eye?? To be honest, the decoration thing was pretty weird looking. I did that piece a favor by deconstructing it :D The key is metal.

Scary Halloween Necklace

 Isn't that what people want on Halloween? Scary? Well, here you have it! This is another that started life as a Halloween ornament. Because I'm deconstructing these things, I feel safe saying you won't find this anywhere else. Jewelry-makers can't just head to the local craft store and buy this 'pendant', because it didn't start life as a pendant. And you won't find it anywhere near the jewelry section.

Black Labradorite Bracelet

What is black labradorite, anyway? Most people probably aren't aware of all the names some gems carry. I certainly wasn't until I began playing with jewelry. But many gems have different names, and this is only one of them. I have seen this stone mostly sold under the name black labradorite and larvikite. Although, some sellers offer larvikite that is not this stone. I have also seen it commonly sold as labradorite. And while it is very common to labradorite, it is not the same. The biggest difference is that labradorite flashes colors, while the only flash in larvikite is silver, as seen in the picture. I have found that once I saw larvikite in person, I am fairly sure I can tell if it's larvikite regardless of what name it has.

Skeleton Hand Ribbon Necklace

This is a rather appropriate necklace given the season. It is a skeletal hand hanging from black sheer ribbon. Ribbon necklaces are quite comfortable because they are very light. The ribbon gives this necklace just a touch of femininity.

Spooky Halloween Necklace

As with the Scary necklace, this too was once part of a decoration. Call me biased, but I think it looks much nicer as a pendant. This is short and simple and perfectly sums up Halloween. It is strung on plain black cotton cord, so men can wear this too.

Purple Jeweled Skull Skeleton Key Necklace

This is of course similar to the first skeleton key necklace, except this has purple rhinestones. These rhinestones are also larger. This key is also made of metal.

Autumn Crown of the Fairy Queen

To be honest, I'm not exactly sure what flowers these are. Black-eyed Susans? Orange sunflowers? Mums? Whatever they are, they're perfect for autumn. Like my other headpieces, this can be worn many ways for many occasions. Halloween, of course, but also as a headband at a party. A circlet at a formal affair. Even a flower girl, though you will have to bend it a bit to be small enough to fit. Whatever you choose, these autumn colors will be sure to catch everyone's eye.

Those are the latest items. I do have more things I plan to list, including Halloween earrings, a cuff, and the first 2 pairs of Christmas earrings for 2010. I also have an apple tealight holder to go with the pumpkin versions. And in my side shop, which I'm not linking to because nothing is there, I soon hope to list a coffin keepsake box and a black Halloween tree for little Halloween ornaments.

And I am currently working on Christmas ornaments. Hey, they're handmade, I have to start early! Some designs take days! I have a green with all sorts of silver swirls and glitter. A pair of gold ornaments with gold glitter swirls, another pair of gold with silver glitter swirls, and green with red glitter swirls. And, if last year's designs were just too much glitter for you, these should be exactly what you are looking for. There is some glitter, glitter catches the lights on the tree so prettily, but it's much more subtle.

I will post when I get the new shop up and running, don't worry. And I will continue to post Halloween Collections.

As always, thank you for taking the time to read this!

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