Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Gifts For Him

Yes, I know Halloween isn't even here yet. But there are many benefits to shopping early. The first being, of course, you have first pick. You aren't left to make do with whatever you can find. Also, the sooner you start, the sooner you finish, and there is nothing like relaxing in December vs running around the mall looking for last minute gifts with a thousand other people. Leave the stress and rush to the amateurs; this year start early! And then you'll have plenty of time for fun things like baking cookies and drinking hot chocolate while relaxing with a good book.

This Christmas, go handmade! Why? There are a lot of reasons. The quality of handmade items is better than anything you can find at Walmart, trust me. Some handmade items do cost more, but they'll last forever. Quality, not quantity. The second is customer service. Regardless of what the warranty says or the store's return policy, there's always the chance--and it seems to be a bigger chance day after day--that you'll end up with someone who isn't helpful, if not downright rude. The 'manufacturers' behind handmade items are real people, not a factory full of machines run by a guy who hates his job and owned by a man who is in it only for the money. As a maker of handmade goods, I feel safe saying you will be hard pressed to find better service and better quality.

But enough talk. Here are some collections of lovely items that would be perfect for a father or boyfriend or any other 'him' in your life! Artfire is the place to be when looking for gifts for him!

In the coming days, I hope to add a lot more holiday entries, including recipes because I absolutely adore baking! You will love my recipes for things such as brownies, snickerdoodles, double chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting, pumpkin streusel muffins, and of course pumpkin bread, among many other goodies! I also hope to write about gifts you can make yourself and feature more handmade gifts ideas for everyone on your list. No matter who they are, they will love a unique handmade gift from the wonderful artists on Artfire!

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