Monday, September 20, 2010


If you don't know about Collections on Artfire yet, you are missing out! Basically a Collection is, well, a collection of items you put together. There are all sorts of themes to follow, colors, holidays, animals, gems, rings. Or you don't even need to have a theme, just toss in items you love. I tend to want a theme, because otherwise I would just throw stuff in at random!

Collections are what now grace the new front page of Artfire (you have checked it out, right?). As before, only Pro members are on the front page. There are also a few rules about Collections that are eligible for the front page. All the items in the Collection need to be from a Pro shop. You can only one item from one seller, so if you add two items from one shop, it isn't eligible. For more details and help, check out the guide.

Right now, I'm going to share more Collections that I've been featured in. I have been lucky to be included with amazing artists.


Nelly said...

Hi! I think this is such a cool thing to have going for artists on art fire. I'm fairy new to art fire but I am loving it so far. Thanx again for adding my art piece to the Halloween Collection page! Your shop is beautiful, your doing a great job;)

Moonlight Eternal said...


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