Thursday, July 22, 2010

What's New!

I have been adding new items to my shop. As I do this, I want to write either a weekly or biweekly post about these items. To give more details and my personal notes and such. And hopefully, to attract buyers?

This is one of my new ring sets!  Blue Summer Skies Ring and Toe Ring Set. This set has one ring and two toe rings. You receive all three rings for only $10. Okay, maybe this isn't super professional of me, but I have seen rings of this type selling for $5 each! Not only $5 per ring, but $5 for plain rings. Do you see the ring on the far left, the simple band? Those are the ones that were $5. Add a Swarovski crystal (like the ring on the far right) and you could pay up to $15! Personally, I find that excessive, especially in today's economic climate. I do what I can to make my jewelry as affordable as possible, because I understand most of us don't have the money for a lot of luxuries. So I try to create affordable 'little luxuries' that we can afford while we wait out this economic slump.

This is a second ring set. The Fun and Flamboyant Orange Ring Set. This is a set of two matching rings and a matching toe ring. Yes, you get all three pieces and again, it's only $10. Another thing I'd like to point out is that all 3 of these rings have genuine Swarovski crystals. If you didn't notice, the last ring set was also $10, but only includes one Swarovski ring. This set includes three--for the same price. The first ring and the toe ring are almost identical, except for size. Also, the crystal on the ring has an AB finish, meaning it is especially shiny in the light. The second ring has an even bigger Swarovski crystal!

This is the third ring set I currently have for sale (don't worry, I have more I need to list!). The Feeling Hot Hot Hot Ring Set. This one has two rings and a toe ring. These are made in shades of fire: orange, red, and yellow. Each ring features a genuine Swarovski crystal, and like the others, are only $10 and each is adjustable. Let me just throw modesty aside for a moment and just say that I love this set. I love the way the colors combine and run together. These are great for summer, the perfect summer colors!

This is a bracelet made with chrysocolla focal (the gorgeous blue and green swirled oval) flanked by green goldstone. It is on black cotton cord, making for a simple design where the chrysocolla is the star. This piece is only $8, when regularly I would charge $16. The reason is that one of the green goldstone beads has the tiniest flaw: a little dip in the bead (below, the bead to the left). Normally I would have thrown the bead out, but the flaw was so small that I didn't even notice it. You can turn the bead so the flaw doesn't show. And like I said, this is 50% off.

This is a blue goldstone stretch bracelet. Blue goldstone is one of my favorite gems. It's not a true gem, actually, it's man made. Either way, it's gorgeous. Picture a midnight sky strewn with stars, and that is blue goldstone. Since this is a stretch bracelet, it will fit just about everyone.

I think lime and turquoise are a great color combo when it comes to summer! This sparkling bracelet  is made with faceted acrylic beads and Czech fire-polished beads. The acrylic beads (the square beads) look almost identical to glass; you have to touch it to realize it isn't glass. Acrylic beads are very light and comfortable. The Czech beads are a two-tone mix of lime and blue.

Those are the newest items, for the moment. I have some more pieces (there are always new pieces!) to list. Including a Swarovksi bangle bracelet, more ring sets, two bracelets made with a carved bone rose, and another fringed anklet.

Thanks again for reading!

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