Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tips and Tricks For Selling Handmade

I originally started the Tips and Tricks on my artfire blog, but I have decided to switch things up. I will post the tips here and the gemstone information on my artfire blog. It just makes more sense to me. Customers are far more likely to look up gemstone info than selling tips. My artfire blog is right there in my shop, so half of the work--getting the customer into my store--is done right there. Whereas, if they find it here, they have to make an extra effort to go to my shop. Yes, I know an extra click is hardly effort, but the most direct route to my shop is the one I want customers to find. Also, while many sellers are also buyers, they usually aren't, so it's not as important to get them to my shop as it is to get customers.

So I am going to shift all the tips (all of them, there's what, 2 or 3?) here and begin to do gemstone and jewelry information to my artfire blog. And every couple weeks or so, I'll post links to the gem info I've posted recently.

I have also listed more items, so what are you waiting for? Check them out! And, as a note, whenever I list an item, it automatically feeds into Twitter. So if you want to know whenever I list a new item, follow me on Twitter. The feed also comes here, so you should see the most recently listed pieces to the left. And lastly, my Twitter automatically posts to Facebook, so if you prefer Facebook to Twitter, 'like me' on Facebook!

I will start moving things tomorrow so as not to bury this post. Thanks as always for your patience! I have so many things going on at one time that I often forget the little things like blog posting. Oops. I will just have to better organize my time! Thanks again.

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