Tuesday, April 27, 2010


In case you haven't noticed yet, I don't have a lot of necklaces in my shop. 34 necklaces seems like a lot, but let's take a closer look. 71 bracelets. 101 pairs of earrings. I even have more rings! 50 rings.

So, here's the thing: not to toot my own horn, but I think I am fairly creative. But all my creativity escapes me when it comes to necklaces. I think it's the broadness of the category; there are only so many different types of bracelets you can make, after all, but necklaces? The possibilities are endless! I can deal with things like what kind of chain or what color beads to mix. I can do that. But there are a lot of things to take into consideration. One strand? Two, three, ten? Beaded? A pendant on a plain chain (or cord, or ribbon, etc)? Chunky or diminutive? Pendant--yes or no?

Now, I know what I like, and if you browse my shop, you can likely guess. But what about you guys?

So that's what I'm here to do--ask you guys. I would really appreciate if you would answer these questions. I'll fully explain (perhaps even over-explain :P) everything. I don't care if you've never bought a piece of my jewelry before and I don't care if you never will. If you wear jewelry, ANY jewelry, or even just like it, I'd love your opinion.

So, let's get started, shall we?


If you've ever browsed my shop, you can guess my preference: chokers or shorter necklaces. But what about you? Choker length is a necklace that fits snugly around the neck. Extra long is 32" or more for this poll, or roughly falling below the chest. Long is 28", roughly mid-chest. Long enough to double is exactly what it says, and the longest choice possible (longer than extra long). If you want it long enough to triple, choose this option, or scroll down to the poll about number of strands. Medium is 24", roughly to the breastbone. Short is 20-22", roughly 2-4 inches above the breastbone. And very short is a necklace that sits at collar-bone left.

Please read on and answer the rest of the polls, I'd really appreciate it.

What type of necklace do you prefer?
Extra Long
Long Enough to Double
Very Short


How do you feel about pendants in general? We're going to assume that the pendant is one you like, of course. Do you prefer necklaces with a pendant or without one? Without one isn't necessarily a plain chain, it could be a simple beaded necklace, like this one:

So pendant-yea or nay?


And let's explore the pendant angle, a bit more. How do you like your pendants?

On a plain ribbon or cord, like this one?

As part of the overall necklace, like these?

On a beaded 'chain', like this one?

Or on a plain chain, like this one?

If there's another design you like for pendants, mark other. And I'd love if you'd leave me a note telling me what you mean by that :)

How Do You Like Your Pendants?
On a Beaded Chain
Plain Cord, Ribbon, etc
Plain Chain
Part of the Overall Design

How many strands? For the answer 'A Lot', this is what I'm talking about:

How Many Strands?
A Lot

Last section, promise! This one is a bit more complicated, so hopefully the pictures help.



Big or Flashy Pendants:




Y Necklace:

What Style Of Necklace?
Beadwork, General
Big, Flashy Pendants
Y Necklace

Thank you for getting through this. I'm hoping this will help me. I have a lot of new things that I'm listing the next couple weeks. Yes, including some necklaces! A couple heart pendants on ribbon necklaces. A three strand necklace with various pink beads. A blue memory wire choker. I also have some big mother of pearl earrings, a turquoise stretch bracelet, a couple amethyst stretch bracelets, some hair clips and bobby pins with orchids, roses, and one big black daisy. Ribbon anklets and bracelets, some beaded adjustable rings, and a couple Spring-themed head pieces. So check my shop often!

As always, thank you for reading :) I truly do value and appreciate your feedback. Thanks again!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Lately, I have really been loving orange. I can't say why; I've never been exactly fond of the color. I look awful in the color, and it's one of those colors with shades that hurt my eyes. But I can't deny that it is cheerful and very summery. And we've been having a lot of sunshine lately. I particularly like the color orange when paired with hot pink.

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