Monday, March 1, 2010

Things I Want

If you could see my wish list, you would be amazed. Or perhaps appalled. Of course, it's not possible for you to see my entire wish list--it would be pages and pages and pages long, so I've never actually committed it to paper. Or even an online wish list service. I use the time it would take to document all the things I love instead to finding new things to love and want. You should browse Artfire some day--I guarantee you'll have to start your own wish list after a few minutes!

This is Chai Tea shower gel. I love the scent of chai tea. It's so warm and soothing and delicious. The perfect winter scent. Martinsville Emporium offers a selection of bath and body products, including soap, shower gel, lip balm and body frosting. Her prices are amazing and her shipping charges are well within the realm of reasonability. And the shower gel even does double duty as a bubble bath! I don't know about anyone else, but I always feel more justified in buying a product that does more than one thing. It gives the idea that I will get more use out of it and get my money's worth. It doesn't matter if I never use the product for its second purpose--the idea that I can use it that way, should I choose, is justification enough.

Now this is just magnificent! Mayvar has created an amazingly detailed Mermaid Sea-Cliff resort. Please, just take a minute to truly marvel at this. The detail is incredible. The sea shells are real. The arch is made with Swarovski crystals! All of the figures are included and are movable: three mermaids, hermit crabs, three octopi, an eel, and a starfish; even extra empty clamshell chairs. Click the above picture to see more views, the entire thing is decorated, including the back!! This is all hand made and I can not even begin to imagine how long it took to make this masterpiece.

And here is another beauty from the same artist. This is a magical fairy house. This piece displays yet again her talent and eye for details. Look at all the mosaic work for the path and walls. There is mother of pearl above the doorway. These are small pieces and it takes painstaking work to perfect mosaics on such a small level. Notice all the flowers and greenery. Even the back is detailed.

This is a hair fork from Mairzydozy . I love this depiction of the full moon. The moon is special to me and I love moon symbolism (perhaps you've noticed it in my shop name?) and the full moon is a gorgeous symbol. I have always been particularly drawn to the image of a dead, branchy tree silhouetted by the full moon. The metal is aluminum, which is lightweight. The stone is coral. The design is simple, and therein lies its beauty.

This is pretty and useful. This is from A Stroke of Jeanneius, who also has a lot of other pretty products. This would be so perfect for a Spring party, especially outdoors. The only 'negative' thing I can see is that the bottle is not included!!

Another from A Stroke of Jeanneius. I love damask anything, so it's no surprise I like this, too! It's a steal at $4. You could use it for a candle, but you can also use it to store odds and ends like paperclips or binder clips, or for pens and pencils, even for crochet or knitting needles to have them close by.

The above wooden figures, of a wolf and unicorn, are actually being sold as toys. However, I like wolves and unicorns and almost anything to do with them, including wooden figures. They don't scream TOY, which I like, but which is also practical; your child can keep his 'toy' for years, as he goes from child to young adult, the figures go from toys to figurines to display pieces.

As always, thank you for reading! I am hoping to update this blog a lot more frequently so be sure to check back often!

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