Monday, March 22, 2010

Flowers For Spring!

Have I mentioned Spring is my favorite season? One of my favorite things about Spring--actually, about life--is flowers. I love flowers!

I much prefer natural flowers, especially the ones with scent. I don't like hot-house roses, that have been bred for looks rather than scent. Give me an imperfect rose with that heady rose scent over a 'perfect' rose any day!

My favorite flowers are roses, because Rose is my middle name, and because roses are beautiful. Did you know there are different rose scents? There are people who think there is only one rose scent, that powdery, overwhelming scent our grandmothers wore--wrong! There are many rose scents, from deep to fruity to spicy to light. My favorite is the light, almost fruity scent of wild roses.

I also love tuberose, because of their gorgeous, heady scent--tuberose is one of my favorite scents! Closely followed by lilies, especially Easter and Casablanca lilies. And lily of the valley, which happens to be the flower of May, by birth month.

Here are some stunning examples of one of my favorite things about Spring. Enjoy!

This one is interesting because it is a silk rose that has been dipped in rose-scented wax! So it smells and looks like the real thing!

And here are some of my own flower offerings :)


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