Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Things I Envy

I often find myself browsing handmade items of all types and say to myself, "I wish I could do that!" This happens with crafts of all types, knitted items, polymer clay, jewelry, sewing. Today, I'm focusing on jewelry. The Crazy Train rider for today, Girlseattle, has some lovely pieces that I envy, so I get to combine two activities--promoting the train rider and sharing things I envy and wish I could do!

This multi gemstone mosaic necklace is made of peridot, amethyst, apatite, fresh water pearl, moonstone, cz and iolite. I love this pendant and the mix of gemstones and the hand wiring makes it look organic.

I've never seen anything quite like this and I love how unique it is. This one of a kind ornament is hand painted, glitter textured and sealed with clear coat varnish. It features some very sparkly clustered crystals and glass and ornate base metal findings.

Another gemstone mosaic. This piece is made of tourmaline and sterling silver.

This is ruby! This is unique and great quality ruby beads.

I love geodes and druzies, so I love this, of course! It sparkles like crystals (well, it is crystals) and looks like rock candy! Or, I suppose, rock candy looks like this! This piece is made with a spectacular agate geode slice with quartz crystals, hematite and glass.

These are just gorgeous. These mosaic earrings are made of aquamarine, peridot, iolite, freshwater pearl, apatite, cz and sterling silver.

She has many more great products in her shop. You should go browse, she does lovely work. I am quite envious of her wire-work. Working with wire looks deceptively easy, but I at least am still trying to get the hang of the more intricate work. If I tried anything like her woven mosaic, I'd end up with a tangled mess of wire. But someday, I'll learn. In the meantime, I can browse quality products like these and dream.

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