Thursday, February 25, 2010

Things I Envy--Il Mare Atelier

As I mentioned in my last post, I love browsing through handmade venues, looking at all the pretty things that catch my eye. And trust me, a LOT of things catch my eye, in all categories. Of course, being a jewelry maker, it's easiest to envy other jewelry makers, because I know exactly how much skill it takes to do what catches my eye. I know how hard it is to learn the technique and how difficult it is to execute it perfectly. Most pieces of jewelry look deceptively easy to make. Very much like the pieces from today's CrazyTrain Rider: Il Mare Atelier:

"Il Mare Atelier was created out of a desire to fuse art and jewelry into unique, versatile, yet wearable and affordable pieces. Inspired by the beauty of nature and art, my jewelry creations are for the woman who prefers the thoughtfulness of an artisan's touch to off-the-peg designs.

I take great pride in the materials I use, always searching for the finest quality gemstones and durable materials.

“Il Mare” means “the sea” in Italian, with waters shimmering in an array of hues, from the blue of the deep sea to lighter azzurro, pale sea green and brilliant emerald. “Atelier” means “workshop” in French. Put together, they mean “Studio by the Sea”, perfectly apt for the tiny tropical island that I live on."

This pair of earrings features high quality amethyst, rainbow moonstones, and white topaz with 14k gold and sterling silver. This pair of earrings look simple and certainly possess a classic, simple beauty. But trust me, it takes skill to wrap the moonstones and topaz like that.

I LOVE this pair of earrings. They remind me of Summer and fruity cocktails. I love reds and pinks of all shades. This piece features Songea and colourful Kenyan sapphires; mauve pink and raspberry tourmalines; pristine green amethysts and briolettes of the same green amethysts on 14k gold findings. I know they seem pricey at $89, but trust me, that is a steal. Besides the fact that gold is at its highest price, those gems are high quality and sapphires are, well, sapphires! A precious stone. Another complex technique hidden behind simple beauty.

This pair of earrings use garnets and moonstones--my two favorite gemstones! These are peach moonstones--yes, moonstone comes in colors! My favorite moonstone will always be rainbow moonstone, but peach comes in second. Moonstones also come in milky whites, grey, and even red. Some sources claim labradorite is a black moonstone (of course, some sources say rainbow moonstone is white labradorite). Garnets also come in many colors, including green, orange, even black! But back to this piece, this embodies classic beauty and more high quality gems and perfect technique. At $22, these are also a steal.

I love the mix of colors in this piece, and think it would look absolutely gorgeous when paired with these earrings (the second pair I wrote about, above). This piece features rose quartz, pink tourmaline, and lemon quartz. These are AAA gemstones and it shows.

This bracelet is made of smoky quartz, citrine, and garnet. This is another instance of superb technique equaling stunning and deceptively simple beauty.

Her prices may look high, but I did not see one overpriced item in her shop. Her prices are more than fair given the high quality of gemstones used. Trust me, if I didn't fully believe that, I wouldn't lie to you and say otherwise. Her gallery of past designs should not be missed, either!

Other helpful links: Her blog, Etsy shop, Flickr, Facebook Page, and Twitter.

As always, thank you for reading. I will try to post more often with things I envy and hope to post an update on my own shop soon, but did not want to take away from the beauties I featured in this post.

Thank you again.

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Il Mare Atelier said...

dear charlotte, I apologise that I was so late to see this and like to offer my heartfelt thanks for your kind words in this post!

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