Thursday, November 25, 2010

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Hello, hope everyone is having a wonderful Thanksgiving (or a wonderful day if you aren't in the US). We aren't very traditional, so we had a pork loin that I seasoned beautifully (if I do say so myself!) with no salt, that was delicious. There were also mashed potatoes and gravy, stove top stuffing (don't know how to stuff a loin), some cranberry sauce, and rolls that I forgot to bake. Oops. Luckily, I did remember to bake the most important part--the pumpkin pie, of course! It's very yummy, even if the crust did not turn out the way it should have. My cat will get her own Thanksgiving feast when I feed her some tuna later.

Now onto the good part: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Moonlight Eternal has already started the sale; 20% off everything plus free gifts with every order. And free shipping for orders over $25. The 20% has already been applied. There is no coupon necessary for sale prices or free gift, but to receive free shipping, use coupon FreeSH25. 

You probably want to know what the free gift is. Well, they're all different. Rings, hair ties, bracelets, ribbon jewelry, jewel ornaments. If you have a color preference, let me know, but I make no promises. Here are some pictures of examples (not actual items, examples):

 Acrylic jewel ornament, for the tree or for anywhere you'd like some sparkle.

 An example of a ring you might receive.

Example of a ribbon bracelet you may receive. 

 Example of a bracelet you might receive. 

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving. For those of you braving the lines, crowds, and weather for those Black Friday deals, don't worry, this sale will run through Tuesday. I am working to get more ornaments listed and a few unique jewelry gifts, so check back often! Follow me on Twitter, every item I list is tweeted. 

Thanks as always for reading, have a great weekend!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Christmas Gifts For The Cat Lover

We love our pets, right? Of course! Here are some treats for the cat lover and the cat in your life. Love me, love me cat!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Winter Sale!

Hi everyone! Quick post to let everyone know I am having a sale! Just use the code WINTER20 at checkout for 20% off your entire order! Coupon applies to every item in my shop. This is a great opportunity for Christmas shopping. Jewelry is a great gift for her, and I have options for just about everyone, including a variety of styles, designs, and prices.

It's really simple, just add the items to your cart. At checkout, you'll see a place to add coupon codes. The coupon is WINTER20, and will take 20% off your order. And, as always, you still get free shipping on orders over $50 and free gift for orders over $25. I offer gift wrap for $2, you will see this option as you leave Artfire to paypal. I have silver and gold, perfectly non-denominational, just leave me a note if you have a preference, I do have Christmas wrapping as well.

Enjoy the sale and get a head start on your holiday shopping! The majority of my items are one of a kind, so when it's gone, it's gone. I also offer gift certificates, just contact me through my Artfire shop and I'll create one for you. I don't have a specific end-date in mind, but it will probably be a couple weeks. Shop early and save yourself that last-minute-rush stress!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Holidays Approaching

This may seem early, but in all honesty, the holidays are approaching. There are only 52 days left! That's less than 3 months! And admit it--we know that Christmas comes the same date each year, but doesn't it always sneak up on you in some way? Not enough time for gift shopping, for baking, for cleaning, for visiting, for family, for... Exactly.

So shop early. You can find great gifts on Artfire. I am going to be featuring different collections of gifts. Gifts for him, for your dog, for your little girl, etc. The sooner you finish your shopping, the more time you have for other things--perhaps even yourself!

I am working, working, working on ornaments. They will start going up for sale very soon, I promise! I have smaller pink ornaments ready, one with large pink glitter swirls and rhinestones. One with rhinestones in the shape of ballet shoes! If you have a little girl, she will love it. Trust me. And another pink one with rhinestones and pearly rhinestones (I don't think they can be rhinestones when they are pearls, but I don't know what else to call them). I am working on more pink ornaments, there will be a pair with pink rhinestones and another pair with glitter swirls.

I am working on swirled ornaments. Red, gold, and orange in one. Another with purple and silver. Another with different shades of gold. One with silver and pearly paints. One is going to be black, and I will then paint on ears, eyes, a nose and whiskers for a cat ornament! I will personalize it, as well, and it will be a lovely one of a kind ornament.

Yes, I have more glitter ornaments in the works! Matte gold with gold glitter and a pair with silver glitter. Matte green with red glitter. There will be a lot of glitter and a lot of rhinestones! I also did a clear ornament filled with red, white, and green star confetti that is very festive and fun. I also have ribbon ornaments in progress, I finished one, it features a red damask ribbon with silver ruffled ribbon. I have some other red and green ribbon ornaments and one with gold. I also have a sequin ornament almost finished, I just need more pins.

I have added the first holiday piece to my shop! These are great seasonal earrings that are not strictly Christmas, so anyone can wear them year round!

I have another pair with clear crystals that will go up for sale ASAP. I have a couple pairs of star earrings, including a pair to match these beauties:

They are exactly like this, only red! I have more ideas, as well. I am hoping to list more ornaments, perhaps even garland, and home decor, like trees, figurines, and centerpieces.

I also think I have developed pretty much the perfect shaving cream... But that is a post for Moonlight Eternal Enchanted! As always, thank you for reading and keeping up to date with Moonlight Eternal!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Moonlight Eternal Enchanted

Moonlight Eternal Enchanted is my new shop! It's a little bare right now, I admit, but give me a chance. Right now, I have mostly supplies. I plan to add more supplies. Jewelry supplies, of course, including glass, gemstones, wood, bone, acrylic, I have tons of beads I bought that are either left overs or that I liked when I bought them, but have since changed tastes. Also findings and components, maybe old tools. But also craft supplies, anything from fabric to rhinestones to buttons to ribbon.

Of course, I also plan to offer handmade creations. Right now, I have one keepsake box, in the shape of a coffin. I plan to offer a wide variety of items. I explore new crafts often, and the results will likely be from a variety of techniques and mediums. There are many things I plan to try, including wreaths and floral arrangements; bath and body, including bath salts, milk baths, facial masks, perfumes. I do eventually want to add lotions and shower gels, but those are a bit harder to do naturally, I am looking for the recipes though, trust me! I want to make scrubs, too, and melt and pour soap. Couple my clumsiness with an insatiably curious cat and I don't think cold or hot process soap will ever appeal to me. And maybe even skin care and hair care lines, the sky is the limit!

There are a lot of crafts I am trying or want to try. I do like making keepsake boxes, and have been as gifts for many years, so you will definitely see more in my shop. Also various home decor such as seasonal decorations, I love seasons and holidays! I plan to play with clay soon, so perhaps figures and beads will be available. Other things I want to experiment with include embellishing items such as cat collars and clothing, etching and painting glass, more faux fruit candle holders, and crocheted object, most likely scarves and other simple things.

Honestly, it may be just as big of a surprise for ME to see what I add as you, so stick around and we can make the journey together!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Gifts For Him

Yes, I know Halloween isn't even here yet. But there are many benefits to shopping early. The first being, of course, you have first pick. You aren't left to make do with whatever you can find. Also, the sooner you start, the sooner you finish, and there is nothing like relaxing in December vs running around the mall looking for last minute gifts with a thousand other people. Leave the stress and rush to the amateurs; this year start early! And then you'll have plenty of time for fun things like baking cookies and drinking hot chocolate while relaxing with a good book.

This Christmas, go handmade! Why? There are a lot of reasons. The quality of handmade items is better than anything you can find at Walmart, trust me. Some handmade items do cost more, but they'll last forever. Quality, not quantity. The second is customer service. Regardless of what the warranty says or the store's return policy, there's always the chance--and it seems to be a bigger chance day after day--that you'll end up with someone who isn't helpful, if not downright rude. The 'manufacturers' behind handmade items are real people, not a factory full of machines run by a guy who hates his job and owned by a man who is in it only for the money. As a maker of handmade goods, I feel safe saying you will be hard pressed to find better service and better quality.

But enough talk. Here are some collections of lovely items that would be perfect for a father or boyfriend or any other 'him' in your life! Artfire is the place to be when looking for gifts for him!

In the coming days, I hope to add a lot more holiday entries, including recipes because I absolutely adore baking! You will love my recipes for things such as brownies, snickerdoodles, double chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting, pumpkin streusel muffins, and of course pumpkin bread, among many other goodies! I also hope to write about gifts you can make yourself and feature more handmade gifts ideas for everyone on your list. No matter who they are, they will love a unique handmade gift from the wonderful artists on Artfire!

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