Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Is Almost Here

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season! If you haven't finished your Christmas shopping, you better hurry! It'll be a risk to order online, even the post office can't guarantee delivery unless you get express. And this weekend is predicted to top even black friday sales, so be prepared to push yourself through some crowds at the mall!

I just want to wish everyone a very Happy Holidays in case I don't get around to it. It's been such a busy season! I never thought that, as a business selling primarily jewelry, I'd get so caught up in the rush, but it really allowed me to justify spending so much time on making ornaments. I've been decorating ornaments for personal use for a couple years, but not on a large scale. Just a few, as I had the time or inclination. It's fun, but can be very painstaking.

The swirls, for example, take a long time to make. I work in sections. I create the swirls first; as creative as I might seem, the swirls are about the limits of my painting ability. I use glitter paint, then top them with matching loose glitter. And then I wait while they dry. Each section has to completely dry, because I hold the ornaments to steady them while painting. Then I move on to the next section. Each section has to be small, too, so that I don't smudge anything when I set them down. I have tried setting them upside down on a pencil (with the tops removed, of course), but I don't like to take the chance the paint may run. All the time is worth it, though, in my opinion. And like I said, this year, I was able to justify the time spent to make a lot more than I usually do.

I was also able to venture out into new designs as well. The first (below) is my favorite. It's a clear ornament with a little tree and some snow inside. It reminds me of a snow globe. It was a hassle to glue the tree inside, especially to a curved bottom, but it was worth it. I might keep this one for myself rather than sell it next year. The next two incorporate ribbons, which I am using to incorporate into jewelry. Last year, I tried a couple ornaments with ribbon and it didn't turn out how I wanted. But I figured why not, and tried again. And I like to think it worked. The one with the snowflake trim occurred in much the same way. The swirled one was something I never got around to trying until this year. I have others made, I just didn't get them done in time. But that's okay, I got plenty done this year, and Christmas will come again! I have one with red and gold, red and green, gold and silver, and one with red, gold, and orange. They're very easy to do, but take even longer than the swirls! If you don't make sure the paint is dry between colors, they mix and smear. That's not as big a deal with red and gold as it is with red and green. It also takes a long time for the paint to dry, probably because of the shape of the ornament. The last ornament was an interesting idea, but I'm not sure if I'll make another like it. It's a bit too modern for my tastes when it comes to Christmas.

If you haven't noticed, I've added a new category for Bath and Body. I only have three samples available at the moment, but I hope to add more. I made bath and body products before discovering jewelry, but I've never sold any before. And once I found jewelry, I knew it was for me. Bath and body is fun and always an interesting experience, and I do love trying new ingredients and creating new recipes. But it will never be my main business, or even a large part of it any time soon. Bath and body is something I do as time allows and as I get the urge. Jewelry will always come first for me. But as I said, bath and body can be very fun. So when the urge takes me, I'll try this or that. If the end result lives up to my standards, I'll list what I have. When it comes to selling anything, my standards are high, so I and my family and friends use most of what I make!

I also want to point out that if I ever do make full sizes, they won't be in my main shop. They will go into my side shop on artfire, or my zibbet shop. I don't want to mix items too much as I find this confusing, and figure others must, too.

And speaking of my side shop... Destash items are here, as well. I'll be adding more as I convince myself to let go of my pretty sparklies and perhaps other craft supplies. First item ships free, to US and Canada. All items after the first are ten cents for US and fifty cents for Canada. But, as always, overages of a dollar are refunded. If you buy from both of my shops, I will be more than happy to combine shipping.

As always, thank you for reading! Thank you for viewing and buying as well, of course! Have a happy holiday and a great New Year!

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