Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Christmas Designs

I've been awful at updating lately, so sorry! Been fighting a persistent cold--seems like everyone else is too!--which has triggered a bit of a flare with my fibromyalgia. But don't worry, I have been working! Just not promoting and keeping in touch as much.

I currently have 6 different Christmas ornament designs for sale. So far, 5 of those are sold in pairs, and one is sold on its own. If you haven't noticed, the designs are swirls. Personally, I have yet to encounter someone who doesn't like swirls, but I'm sure you're out there somewhere! But I love swirls. I think they are timeless and versatile. They can portray old-world charm or modern design. They can be "dressed" up or down, so to speak. The design itself matches everything. It can be a subtle background or a bold flourish. The swirls can be big or small, they can stand alone or connect. I just like how easy it is to work with them given all their charm.

You might also notice that all but one are glittery. This is because...well, because I love glitter!! I always love it, but it really is a must for Christmas! All those softly twinkling lights make the glitter sparkle so beautifully. Most of my designs do incorporate glitter. There will be a couple more ornaments without glitter, but not many. Not in the batch I'm currently working, anyway. But I go to the craft store tomorrow so who knows what might catch my eye!!

The next ornaments to come out are a pair or blue ornaments with green swirls; white/silver frosty ornaments with red swirls; white/silver frosty ornaments with blue swirls; I believe another pair of blue ornaments with silver swirls; at least one green ornament with red swirls; and one frosty silver/white ornament covered in iridescent glitter. I'm half-way through a pair of silver/white frosty ornaments with gold swirls; red ornaments with gold swirls; and a frosty silver/white ornament with silver swirls.

I also have some Christmas-themed earrings. More of these are on their way! I have a sort of burnt umber color, green, red, and I believe I might have some gold. I make no promises, but I think I might have a pair of black mini ornaments. Those should go up this week. I also have the most unique winter earrings! I can't describe them, but look for them this week, too! They are sort of like a star or snowflake, but with a lot more points, white with iridescent glitter. You'll just have to wait and see the listing, words can't describe these. I am in the middle of a couple pair of mini ornaments with rhinestones on them, as well. I also have a pair or two of snowman earrings.

I'm also working a bit on bath and body recipes. No promises on these. For now, I'm going to stick with small amounts, I'm busy enough as it is right now with jewelry, ornaments, and all the rest that comes with owning a business and Christmas around the corner! That said, I'll probably list mostly samples to get some feedback. Right now, I'm sticking to different kinds of bath salts and milk baths. I can't say if I'll ever make more bath and body supplies. I would love to, but like I said, I'm busy enough as it is. The best I can say is that a few different products will pop up now and then, as time allows for me to play around with scents and recipes.

As always, I thank you for reading and shopping with Moonlight Eternal! Look for something super special on Black Friday AND Cyber Monday! I'm also working on some more give aways. Here are the Christmas items so far, enjoy!!

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