Saturday, September 19, 2009

Current Sale Items

As the Season of Savings goes on so do the sales. Here's a list of the current savings! This is my newest sale item, Silver Rose Earrings. These earrings are post earrings with a silver rose. This is a great item for Winter, which is why I chose it as the latest item. That matte silver rose looks almost icy. This is a great way to 'dress up' for the office without having to wear dangly earrings that might get in the way. They are $8.50, but if you use the coupon code SILVER, they are 40% off. Yes, 40%!! That's only $5.10. That's a tough one to beat. Like all of the Saturday Specials, this one only lasts 4 weeks. My items are one of a kind, so when this pair is gone, it's gone! If this item does not sell in 30 days, it will go back to full price.

The second item is this pair of earrings. They are made with authentic freshwater pearls in a peachy pink shade. The design is very simple, but still pretty and sophisticated. Originally $10, they are now on sale for $7. That's 30% off! Use code PEARLS.

This bracelet is also on sale. This was one of the first pieces I made and I was, and still am, in love with those agate beads!! I haven't seen a comparable strand of them since this one, but I still look. This one is absolutely perfect for fall, the orange, red, and yellow banding definitely puts one in mind of autumn leaves. Originally $15, they are now only $10! You save $5.00!! Use coupon code: FIREAGATE

And in case you haven't noticed, readers of this blog get a discount as well!!! Use coupon code BLOG to receive 15% off your order (before shipping).

Don't forget to follow me on the website, twitter, facebook and sign up for the mailing list (to the right) to stay on top of surprise sales. I am hoping to roll out the first contest this week, so stay tuned! As always, thank you for reading, I truly appreciate it.

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