Friday, September 25, 2009

New Items (Pic Heavy)

A LOT of new Halloween jewelry, many of these are not listed yet, I have a lot of work ahead of me when it comes to listing. I've been so busy creating all these new items I haven't had the chance yet! Please, please, please read the entry after this! It's all about my sale. In a nut shell, 3 months until Christmas, shop early, shop handmade, use coupon code SEPT25 for 25% off, ends Monday. If only I could always be so concise!

These are some simple hoops, the hoops are an inch across. I love these hoops, they're so easy to wear.

This is a choker (or a short necklace) made of black beading cord and orange Swarovski Crystals. I love Swarovski (which I believe is very obvious!). This design is based on a "floating" illusion necklace, except that I use black cord, not transparent.

More hoops and more Swarovski. Swarovski crystals feature heavily in my Halloween items (in most items, actually). I also plan to use them heavily in Christmas designs.

This is a memory wire bracelet. You can't tell, I know. It looks like a dangle, both on and off, but it doesn't actually meet in the middle. The ends meet in a circle, but they are separate, like a coil. I recently used my small bit of memory wire and fell in love, so I bought more. I still have some for rings that I like to use, and I have memory wire for necklaces, but have yet to use it. I buy a bunch of craft things I find interesting to "try someday".

Super sparkles! Faceted Czech glass beads and Swarovski crystals. I don't think too many would argue with me when I say that outside of Swarovski, Czech glass is the best. Swarovski is glass, but I don't see them as being very comparable, like comparing a banana to a grapefruit. Swarovski does its thing with perfect faceting, clarity, sparkle and quality. That's not to say Czech glass doesn't do that. There is just a subtle difference between crystal and glass. Faceted glass beads tend to have softer faceting, where Swarovski crystal has sharp facets to best catch and reflect the light.

More Swarovski crystals!
These are more faceted glass beads and round orange beads.

One of my favorite pieces! Every month, there are generally a few items I make that I really love. I mean, I love all of them, but some are just extra special to me. Even as I'm tempted to keep it, it makes me so happy and excited when someone else buys the piece, because that means they feel the same as me! Anyway, this is a black velvet choker with a raven dangle. The reason I really love this piece is because The Raven, by Edgar Allen Poe, is the first poem I ever read (we won't count Dr. Seuss!) and it was that poem which got me interested in Edgar Allen Poe's work, which eventually led to my love for poetry from pre-20th century poets.

These are so cute. I'm very pleased with these earrings, because those cute little pumpkins are not "beads" and were not intended to be "beads" (I use the quotation marks because, technically, if it has a whole and you can string it, it can be a bead in my world). They are supposed to be decorative, I'm not sure how or what for, exactly, but they were near the floral section. I didn't know they had a hole in them when I bought them, so I was thinking of wire wrapping them or maybe gluing them to rings and bracelets. But when I examined them, I was happily surprised to see they did indeed have a hole!

Three simple stretch bracelets in classic Halloween colors. If you like these bracelets, you might want to read tomorrow's post. They might possibly be part of a give away...but you didn't hear it from me.

Orange and black Czech glass and, of course, Swarovski crystals. These can be found here.
Another memory wire bracelet, more Czech glass and Swarovski crystals. This can be found here.
All Swarovski crystals. These can be found here.
More hoops and more Swarovskis! These can be found here.
More Swarovskis, these in classic Autumn shades. These can be found here.

As always, thank you for reading! I appreciate your business, and your attention! Remember, coupon code SEPT25 will get you 25% off everything in my shop!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Current Sale Items

As the Season of Savings goes on so do the sales. Here's a list of the current savings! This is my newest sale item, Silver Rose Earrings. These earrings are post earrings with a silver rose. This is a great item for Winter, which is why I chose it as the latest item. That matte silver rose looks almost icy. This is a great way to 'dress up' for the office without having to wear dangly earrings that might get in the way. They are $8.50, but if you use the coupon code SILVER, they are 40% off. Yes, 40%!! That's only $5.10. That's a tough one to beat. Like all of the Saturday Specials, this one only lasts 4 weeks. My items are one of a kind, so when this pair is gone, it's gone! If this item does not sell in 30 days, it will go back to full price.

The second item is this pair of earrings. They are made with authentic freshwater pearls in a peachy pink shade. The design is very simple, but still pretty and sophisticated. Originally $10, they are now on sale for $7. That's 30% off! Use code PEARLS.

This bracelet is also on sale. This was one of the first pieces I made and I was, and still am, in love with those agate beads!! I haven't seen a comparable strand of them since this one, but I still look. This one is absolutely perfect for fall, the orange, red, and yellow banding definitely puts one in mind of autumn leaves. Originally $15, they are now only $10! You save $5.00!! Use coupon code: FIREAGATE

And in case you haven't noticed, readers of this blog get a discount as well!!! Use coupon code BLOG to receive 15% off your order (before shipping).

Don't forget to follow me on the website, twitter, facebook and sign up for the mailing list (to the right) to stay on top of surprise sales. I am hoping to roll out the first contest this week, so stay tuned! As always, thank you for reading, I truly appreciate it.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Quick Updates

Some quick but important updates! First of all, please visit and join the Season of Savings Website! This site will have all the info you need to save big this holiday season.

See the On Sale Now! page to find the current sales. Every Saturday, I will post a new sale item. I will pick an item from random in my shop, and put it on sale. This may mean a certain percentage off, it may be a free gift with purchase, it might be free shipping, but whatever it is, it will be worth it! My items are one of a kind, so first come, first served. Sales last only 4 weeks, and once the sale is over, the piece goes back to full price. Get it now, while you can.

Please follow me on Twitter! I update regularly with current sales.

Please see the donation page to donate money to the Food Bank.

Please see the Policies page for more detailed information on holiday policies.

As you may have noticed, this blog has been going through some major renovation, and it's not done yet! There are still features and information I would like to add as we get closer to Halloween.

I have Halloween jewelry on the way, and am making more. I hope to have some appropriate head pieces for Halloween.

I have something special in the works and should be able to share soon! I am just waiting on confirmation. I'm excited and hope you will be, too!

Thank you for reading. I truly appreciate you taking the time to read this and appreciate you 'following the moonlight'.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Head Pieces

I've been thinking about head pieces for a while. But until recently, I couldn't figure out how to make the base. But now, I've discovered using the stems from silk florals works perfectly. I'm glad I saved all those stems now! I really don't like throwing craft things away, even if I don't know how I can currently use it, because who knows if I'll need it later?? And this time, it paid off!

I have a couple pictures of works in progress. I'm currently finishing up the piece with pink roses and am halfway through the fall leaves.

These are ribbon leaves. Yes, that's ribbon! I need to order more, I only ordered a small amount to try it out, and I love it! I also have it in green, orange, and black. I'm working on separate Halloween pieces with the black and orange leaves, of course.

This is the fall leaves piece. I'm not sure whether I'm going to make it solely fall leaves or add in some flowers, but either way, I'm going to fill it in a lot more.

These are the ribbons attached. The fall headpiece is not a complete circle, but rather a U shape. I finished off the ends with loops and tied ribbons to it. The ribbons trail down the back prettily, but you can tie the satin ribbon to customize the fit.

Here is the pink rose piece. I am going to fill this one in a bit more with leaves. This is a full circle. After I wrap it with tape, I'll add pink satin ribbons for adornment.

I call these head 'pieces' simply because I don't know what else to call them. They aren't really crowns, tiaras, or circlets. They aren't headbands. I have a few names floating around, perhaps 'nature circlet' or 'nature crown'. It seems to be most like a crown, that it sits on the head, not the brow. It's obviously not a headband or hair clip of any type. Until I find something I'm happy with, I will refer to them as head pieces.

As a treat to my blog readers, I have a permanent coupon for you: 15% off everything in my artfire shop. Simply use the code BLOG at checkout. One use only, but it doesn't expire for a year!

Thank you for reading and choosing Moonlight Eternal.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Please visit the Donations Page at my new website

Until January 1, 2010, I am going to be donating to the San Diego Food Bank. I will donate 10% of all profits. But I understand that not everyone can afford to buy one of my pieces, or maybe you just can't find a piece that speaks to you. If that is the case, I would still like to ask you to contribute via the donate button on the Donations Page. Even just $1.00 will help.

I'm going to use this money to purchase food for the Food Bank. The Food Bank holds many food drives this time of year and keep their list of requested foods updated. I plan on posting regular updates and pictures of the food we've accumulated so far. With the help of coupons and club cards, I want our dollars to stretch as far as they can!

Please ensure your paypal account email address is accurate. I will offer a choice of coupon codes that will be valid for one year if you decide to donate. Yes, even if all you give is $1.00.

Please help me in this goal.

I also have one question to ask. Would you prefer that I collect money only for the Food Bank or would you also like to see some money go to Holiday Gift Drives? That is, if I put up another page to donate money for Gift Drives, would you donate? Which would you be more likely to donate to?

If you would prefer to donate directly to the food bank, go here.

To search for your local food bank, please go Here.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Season Of Savings Begins!

Season of Savings Launch!

Here it is, the beginning of the Season of Savings! Use the following coupons to place your order. Please note you can only use one coupon per order.

SEASON1= Save 10% off any order of $10 or more

SEASON2= Save 20% off any order of $20 or more

SEASON3= Save 30% off any order of $30 or more

Three days only!!


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