Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ambient Lights

Today, Ambient Lights rides the crazy train. Her studio is filled with goodies that look like they smell great. I'm drawn to the tarts most, I love burning tarts in fall and winter. That might be why I like these tarts: Balsam Berry. Sweet, fresh Balsam Fir with a hint of spiced cranberry.

This is a hair and body mist, filled with good things like aloe and vitamin E. The scent is violet woodland, "a classic beautiful fragrance...delightful violet top notes with a hint of orchids and fresh woodsy aromas." I love violet and it is extremely difficult to find violet scents that aren't too sickly sweet and smell vaguely like grape candy and scents that don't smell too green. I can't tell you why, but violet scents with a lot of green notes smells like marijuana on me. True story.

This is a gift set. Let me start by saying I love the picture. It's so cute! The scent is pink kisses (Aquolina type). The set consists of a bath pouf soap and a bottle of hair and body mist. These soaps are so unique. "Soap Poufs are made with high quality glycerin Goats Milk Hand and Body Soap and a nylon shower pouf. This soap is great by itself but I've added a couple more good for the skin oils such as castor oil and soybean oil, which contains natural vitamin E. Each Pouf is embedded in 3oz of soap and it lasts for a long time."

I'm addicted to lip balm. My lips are naked without it. And peach is one of my favorite lip balm flavors.

Moisturizing bath fizz.

There are more items in the shop, of course, and they are definitely worth browsing.

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