Friday, June 19, 2009


Just an update to keep you all in the loop. I've expanded my line of stretch jewelry, and also have a few pieces left to list. I will begin a small collection of gemstone stretch jewelry, which I have already started with beautiful dyed chalcedony:

I have used a double strand technique for extra security. That said, I will probably only do stretch gemstone jewelry with round gemstones or chips. Fancier cuts generally have a smaller and sharper hole, better suited to beading wire.

I have also made more stretch toe rings which will soon be listed. Here is one collection:

I have recently purchased some very pretty different beads and am working on unique designs. I have also completed a handful of floral hair clips. I think I've mastered the technique and can't wait to do more! In the future, I also plan on making floral pins, to wear as a brooch, pin to a tote bag or hat, or adorn anything you wish. Here is a sneak peek on pieces I am currently adding to my Artfire shop:

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