Sunday, June 28, 2009

BacisCreations Rides the Crazy Train

You may be wondering, what the hell is a crazy train? Well, it's a novel and effective way for artfire artisans to promote each other while driving traffic to the site as a whole. Today and tomorrow are for BacisCreations. She has some very lovely items and I'm just going to pull my favorites!

I love the play of color.
I love this color, too! Blues are so in this Summer!

Sparkles! Enough said.

These are so simple and elegant. The perfect accompaniment to a bold necklace.

This pendant is really interesting. I like how it all ties together with the black and the silver beads.

This is another great pendant!

I love anything sparkly.

I love the shell pendant!! The play of colors is just beautiful.
Oooh, more sparkles!
I love this watch. I'm a big fan of sparkly and swirly. The pearls make this a great choice for day or night.

Cute and simple. The cube beads make them unique.

Go visit her shop to see more pieces!

I will update in a couple of days all the goings on at Moonlight Eternal.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Works In Progress

Here are some pictures of the floral pieces I have in progress. I'm hoping to get these attached to pins, barrettes, and clips soon.

Friday, June 19, 2009


Just an update to keep you all in the loop. I've expanded my line of stretch jewelry, and also have a few pieces left to list. I will begin a small collection of gemstone stretch jewelry, which I have already started with beautiful dyed chalcedony:

I have used a double strand technique for extra security. That said, I will probably only do stretch gemstone jewelry with round gemstones or chips. Fancier cuts generally have a smaller and sharper hole, better suited to beading wire.

I have also made more stretch toe rings which will soon be listed. Here is one collection:

I have recently purchased some very pretty different beads and am working on unique designs. I have also completed a handful of floral hair clips. I think I've mastered the technique and can't wait to do more! In the future, I also plan on making floral pins, to wear as a brooch, pin to a tote bag or hat, or adorn anything you wish. Here is a sneak peek on pieces I am currently adding to my Artfire shop:

Thursday, June 4, 2009

New! New! New!

A few new things going on that I would love to expand on. First off, stretch jewelry is now available at my Artfire shop. The category for stretch jewelry is still bare, but I am making more pieces. I plan on many more bracelets, rings and toe rings. Maybe even anklets. I've had requests for stretch gemstone jewelry, and this is something that I unfortunately can not guarantee. Here's why: stretch cord is not the strongest of cording material. Anyone who has used it knows that it's very easy to cut. This is a problem because many gemstone beads have rough holes drilled in them. This means that the edges of the holes may be jagged or sharp, which will wear through the stretch cord eventually. I am currently doing some testing to see just how strong the cording I'm using is and working with double strand techniques to see if there is anyway to extend the life of the cord. So I can promise more stretch jewelry, but can't promise gems, yet.

I have also listed my first toe ring, which is stretch cording, too. It is very simple and, in my opinion, very cute and perfect for summer. I plan on many more of these types of toe rings, in different colors and shapes. I am also experimenting with wire wrapped toe rings, as well.

It's not listed yet, but I have been practicing making beaded bobby pins and I can't wait to list them. They are a great way to add just a little something extra. I've always loved things that are pretty AND functional. I have also finally managed to complete some flower hair clips, I'm hoping to list them soon and hopefully make some more. For some reason, they can be temperamental; sometimes they come out right, sometimes they don't. So far, I have a black rose, a pink rose, a daisy and a lotus. I have a huge assortment of flowers to work with, though, so hopefully I can start to make more of those in time for summer!

One of the biggest new features is the arrival of custom sets. What are custom sets? Custom sets allow you to customize our jewelry choices. Each listing is for a set of so many pieces of jewelry. You get to choose which pieces you would like from the selection available. No longer will you be stuck with two choices you love and one you hate, because now you get to choose which pieces you want. Buying in a set also means you save money, both in the price of the jewelry and shipping costs. I currently have bracelet and an earring set, but more are on the way.

The birthday sale was a success and I want to thank everyone who participated! May has been my best month so far, but I have a lot of goals and ideas in mind to make each month even better! I have been keeping a low profile for a while since I injured my left arm. It still isn't as healed as I like, but I have regained some use of it so I hope to make more and list more pieces as soon as I can.

Those are the main features I wanted to discuss. As always, thank you for reading and buying. I truly appreciate it.

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