Friday, May 8, 2009


I currently have 95 items for sale at my Artfire shop. That does not take into account the twenty-something in my Etsy shop. And, of course, it doesn't take into account all the items I have made recently!! I have been on a roll, I think I will easily hit 50 pieces this month. I am focusing on the transition now from Spring to Summer. A lot of bright colors and a lot of sparkle. I have been using a lot of Swarovski crystals. I have also been making a lot of bright colored bracelets that are perfect for layering. A lot of anklets, of course. I am also using a lot of shells, including pearls.

I have a lot of plans for May, including toe rings. I also want to get my floral pieces out. Unfortunately, these have been more difficult than I anticipated. I do have a silk flower ring currently in shop and a couple pairs of silk daisy earrings getting ready to be listed. I have a gorgeous hair clip that would be perfect for special occassion and bridal wear. It is white, with irridescent leaves, and it curves in a lovely way. I also have a headband woven from small pink ribbon roses. It would be perfect for a flower girl, perhaps to adorn the maid of honor, for renaissance wear, even just for little girl's dress up games. And I have a LOT of flowers just waiting to be used. When I say a lot, I mean a lot; I have to keep them in a huge plastic bag because they don't fit in my craft box! There are roses in a variety of colors, daisies, lily of the valley, orchids, even plumeria and lotus.

And the biggest news, I am now taking custom orders! All you have to do is contact me via Artfire and give me an idea of what you would like. This can be a general idea, specific gemstones or colors, the occasion you would like it for. I will work with you, then design a few ideas and let you decide which you like, or the piece that is closest to what you are looking for. I will, however, require a 50% deposit for many pieces; this is to cover the cost of supplies I will need. This deposit is non-refundable. But, I will work with you for however long is necessary for you to be satisfied. The remainder of the price will be paid to me when I list your product--reserved especially for you. All custom orders receieve FREE shipping, regardless of the final cost of the piece.

I have been slow lately, in posting here and posting products, because my cat has been sick. But she is doing better and is on some antibiotics, so I can devote more of my time to jewelry now that she is doing better. Speaking of cats, I am still raising money for the San Diego Humane Society! 10% of all purchases go towards the Humane Society. Help me to raise $50!!

As always, thank you for reading and supporting Moonlight Eternal!

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Mandy said...

Yah for having so much done and having so much in the works. :) You're so productive. :) And yah for Delly feeling better. *HUGE HUGE HUGS*

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