Saturday, April 11, 2009

Weekly Update

I am shooting for updating AT LEAST once a week. I have been soooo busy lately! My minimum number of pieces for this month was 50, I thought that was a pretty attainable goal, as I made about that many pieces in March. Well, we are not even half-way through April, and I am pretty sure I have met, if not exceeded, 50 pieces. I am quite proud of myself.

Now, of course, comes the "hard part", which is all the paperwork. It's actually not hard at all, just very time consuming and, yes, I admit it, boring. And I have very detailed methods, so it does take a while. I go through a few steps before I can figure out the Final Price (i.e. what you guys are paying). So I definitely want to get through at least some of that today, so I can begin listing some new pieces.

Let me just say this: keywords for April include sparkle, color, and shells. I have some bold pieces, color wise, think turquoise, hot pink, lime green. Different shells in different colors. And of course, tons of sparkling, faceted beads. Including Swarovski crystal, of course. Can't have a sparkle party without inviting Swarovski.

But let me put your minds at rest, there are plenty of Recession Friendly pieces to be debuted. Stud earrings are almost always Recession Friendly candidates. Many of the rings are as well. So don't think I have forgotten about that, I realize how hard times are. A lot of us can't afford any luxuries, but I am hoping that you can find a small luxury that fits your budget in my Recession Friendly category.

Speaking of Recession Friendly, it's come to my attention that the department is lacking necklaces. It will definitely be a fun challenge for me to rectify that mistake, I have quite a few ideas already in mind...

I will try and update more frequently, at least with some fun showcases.

As always, thanks for reading!

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Mandy said...

I can't wait to see all your new pieces darling! :)

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