Saturday, April 18, 2009

New Items Listed

I've been spending today listing items. I have a ton (no really, like 50) of new pieces that need to be listed, so check my shop this week. As promised, tons of color, tons of sparkle, my two favorite things! Here are some sneak peeks!

This is an anklet made of hot pink bugle beads and genuine Swarovski crystals.

Another anklet, also hot pink. Can you tell that's one of my favorite colors? This one has a beaded fringe, with genuine Swarovski crystal accents. Can you also tell that I adore Swarovski anything?

This is a bracelet, another hot pink piece (there are other colors in my shop, I swear!). I plan on making a bunch of cute little bracelets like this and selling them in sets, since they will look really great when stacked or layered.

This is a bracelet made up of purple, lavender and pale pink acrylic beads. The beads are sparkly, they look like they have rhinestones embedded in them.

This is one of my personal favorites, I considered keeping it for myself, but if I kept everything I loved, I wouldn't be running a business, I'd be building a personal collection! This is a shell bead bracelet with very subtle peachy/coral shades. Very summery.

I have a lot more items, like I said, waiting to be listed. I am hoping to list all 50+ items by the end of the month. My main priority is to keep making Recession Friendly pieces. But I am also making anklets and focusing a lot on flowers in my pieces. More and more Summer pieces are also on the list.

Thanks for reading!

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Mandy said...

Yah! I've been waiting for your new stuff! :) *HUGS*

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