Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Update

I just received an order of a few pieces of turquoise. The prices were great, I can not even begin to explain how good of a deal I got. I can't wait to use these babies in some Recession Friendly pieces. That's the good news. The bad news is, I'm no gemologist, so I can't guarantee these are real. My supplier says they are, of course, but the deal I got makes me wonder. But, if you are like me, you will love them no matter what they are, because they are just that gorgeous!! The order I made was relatively small, just to try them out. I will definitely order from them in the future. Even if these beads are faux turquoise, the price is still great. It's a very definite possibility that these are chalk turquoise or even dyed howlite. But like I said, these are so pretty it doesn't matter what they are!

I also made an order for a lot more ring bases, so expect to see a lot more adjustable rings. Also, I received more post earrings, so definitely a lot more of those will be available soon. I love the rose earrings (enough that I kept a pair to myself!) and others seem to share my opinion, so those will be the first items I carry that are not one of a kind. This was a long and hard decision, because I truly adore designing pieces that are unique. But I really do think the glitter rose earrings are special enough that they deserve a limited run. Limited means they will not always be available and there won't be a ton out there. They will still be special, just not one of a kind special. I am also considering this option with some of my rings. If you have any opinions on this, I would LOVE to hear them.

A brand new category for April: Anklets! I know a lot of the country are firmly stuck in Spring, and it may still seem like Winter in some areas, but here, we are enjoying almost perfect days. Not to brag or anything! I really want to list these as soon as possible, so you can get a little jump start on your summer jewelry options. Also in the summery theme, look for bright colors, I am talking aqua and fuschia! Bright colors are a summer staple, and they add just the right amount of "Wow!" to your Summer whites. Also look for shells, another staple. I've acquired some interesting specimens I can not wait to work with. Look for pearls, too, the perfect accessory for those summer date nights. And rings will be a big part of this, I am designing some real eye catching rings, think flashy starfish and jeweled sand dollars.

I can't promise it in April, but I am also slowly branching out to men's jewelry. I promise pieces will be available this summer, but I can't make any promises other than that. Still trying to work on designs; I am one of those girls that love glitter, sparkle, and color, and am therefor not the best judge of what is or isn't manly. So I am trying to work with some male friends and my boyfriend to figure out what is and isn't appropriate. Apparently sparkly things are a no-no.

So that is what you can look forward to. There will of course be surprises on the way (for me as well as you!) and I will definitely make an effort to update the blog more. I am always, always, always open to suggestions and opinions, so feel free to let me know what you are loving, what you want to see, what you think. And don't forget to join the mailing list, because there will be a memorable sale come May (my birthday month) and I want you all to know about it!

As always, I thank you for reading, looking, and/or buying!

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I love all the ideas you have!! :)

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