Thursday, March 5, 2009

Things I Love Thursdays: Hot Pink

Here it is, week 2 of Things I Love Thursday. I want to make it a little clearer now exactly what this is, because I am coming out with a similar weekly theme, and I don't want anyone to be confused. Things I Love Thursdays showcases a random assortment of items that fit under the weekly theme. The theme is something I currently love. Last week, it was cupcakes, and I featured an assortment of cupcake products that I loved. This week, I am loving hot pink (okay, to be honest, I always love it) and will feature items that I love that incorporate hot pink. All the items, every week, will be handmade. They will come from etsy, artfire, or other websites featuring only items made by hand. It's pretty simple, really, but I wanted to make the distinction, because I want to also feature wishlist items that are from retail sites.

Enough chatter, though, let's get on to this week's theme: hot pink!

This is an adorable lamp by Shades of Splendor. This is not just the lampshade, it includes the base. There are silk gardenias, and look at all that cute pink ruffle trim. The store also has a lot of other cute lamps.

Here is a really cute sweatshirt that is hand painted! Wendy Marsh's shop is full of cute, hand-embellished clothing. I really like this sweatshirt, it screams SPRING!

For those of you who don't know, I love unicorns. And this is one of the cutest specimens I've seen! Wicked Minky painted this unicorn by hand onto clear plastic, then sealed it. She has a lot of other hand-painted jewelry, and these pieces are very unique.

Here is a gorgeous, hand-painted silk scarf. It features a lovely rose print and is eye-catching without being too much. This is really a stunner, and Morgan Silk's shop is full of them!

This is a belt buckle! If I wore a belt, I would be sure to have this buckle on hand for those days I want to be noticed. I love these damask-like prints! If you need a belt to go with it, no worries, Ann Margaret's SpecialT's shop has just the belt. Not only belts and buckles, but jewelry and bookmarks, too!

I don't normally like the green and pink pairing, but something about this soap makes me like it. It is just so visually appealing. This soap from Bare Bumm Bath is scented with a Juicy Couture dupe, a fruity floral mix of watermelon, mandarin, green apple, tuberose, rose, lily, caramel and vanilla. The bar is completely vegan and loaded with shea butter.

Here is a new shop, or at least, new to me. I love the bangles, and I love the themes taken from mehndi and tattoo culture. This bracelet was meant for Valentine's day, but hearts and flowers are always in season! These are made of natural wood and she has a lot of them for sale. Bajidoo's shop is full of cute bangles, but she also has some other great jewelry pieces. Do not be surprised if you see more of her work featured in lists of things I love or want!

Now this is just a treasure. The beadwork alone is amazing, I can't imagine the time that went into this. But add to that, it's hand-knitted as well! There are over three THOUSAND tiny little seed beads!! This is the perfect purse to grab when you just need a few things, lipstick, ID, credit card, the essentials. And this will certainly get you noticed! At $105, you might think it is expensive. But as a beader, I can say that handling those teeny tiny little beads is worth every penny! Add to that, she's knitting as well. That's not easy and it takes time. But the result is very worth it! Please check out the shop because she has a LOT of cute things.

And last, but certainly not least, is this stunning dress. The shop owner says it is completely hand made, and if that is true, it is a steal at only $179. This is the dress I wish I could have worn to my prom. It is just gorgeous. All of the dress in the shop are amazing. Judge for yourself whether they are completely hand made, but either way, they are lookers.

Like I said in my last entry, more new things to come soon, so be sure to check back often. Thanks!

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