Thursday, March 5, 2009

Creating and Ideas

I know I have been a bit MIA, both here and at artfire. I have, however, been using that time wisely, in creating pieces, taking pictures, ordering supplies, the usual business stuff. Being the start of a new month, it's time for me to start all my new paperwork for the month, and that takes a while because I admittedly over-manage everything now in an effort to simplify things later. I'll let you know someday if it works.

I have a lot of new ideas for this blog and for my pieces. I am hoping to begin expanding upon them and implementing them starting this month. I will let you all in later, this is just a quick update to let you know that yes, I am indeed still around. No, I have not forgotten about the beginning of the Charity of the Month program I am offering, I will post more information on that tomorrow morning. Along with week two of Things I Love Thursday.

Yes, I have created new pieces, I have taken pictures, I have even edited said pictures. I am hoping to begin listing tomorrow, but they will definitely be up by or on Friday. And of course, I continue to work on new pieces. I am trying to have a nice balance of my usual pieces and Recession Friendly pieces. I know times are hard and prices are up on just about everything, but I have so far been lucky enough to keep a pretty good amount of less expensive materials on hand. The more money I save on materials, the more money I can save you on jewelry. I have some flashy little beads I can't wait to start using, and I should be able to keep getting the same low price so I am hoping you all love them as much as I do! Cute and affordable, what more could you ask for?? I am also still able to get a limited variety of gemstones, so for the time being, Recession Friendly pieces can and will feature genuine gemstones. I am working on adding both necklaces and rings to the selection and will be sure to keep you posted on that.

I will update with a lot more information later, including Things I Love Thursday and a general rundown of the ideas I am planning to implement soon. Just thought I would pop in to say a quick hello, so, "Hello!"

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