Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Yes, I am still alive. I have been super busy lately. I know, I know, no excuse. But I do have a lot of fun things I am getting ready to list! And I have branched out to a new area and have started making rings! I have about 10 rings I want to start listing ASAP. I also have stud earrings! I can make no promises, but a lot are Recession Friendly.

I am currently in the midst of restocking some inventory. It is always a LOT of fun (I love shopping, I love beads, it's a perfect combination!) but it can also be time consuming. I scour the web to find quality pieces at the lowest prices I can find. Sometimes I can find good prices, sometimes I can't. When it comes down to a choice, I will choose quality supplies over a cheap price every time. But still, I try. I am also always looking for new, fun, exciting components.

Here is a sneak peek on the rings and earrings. Also, some 'work in progress' pictures.

I also have a newsletter, be sure to sign up for it at the top of the diary. I also send updates through my facebook page, just search for Moonlight Eternal.

A quick reminder, I am still raising money for the San Diego Humane Society! 10% of the profits from EVERY piece!
That is my cat's paw. Her name is Delly, and she loves to play with my jewelry and supplies. She looks like she is aiming for that big heart ring, so you better buy it before she does! Here are some more detailed views. Look for these to be listed in the next week!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Things I Love Thursday: Glitter

I know, I know, a day late. But better late than never. And yes, I am working on new listings. And I am also in the middle of adding pictures of the jewelry while on a person, to hopefully give you a better idea of how it looks on a person, instead of on a flat surface.

Click on the images to visit their listing and buy it, or to view the seller's other items.

I have no idea what I would do with this, but I still like it. It's a mini card or scrapbook embellishment.

I don't generally like butterfly or dragonfly themes, simply because they are overused, but this is an exception. The pastel colors wouldn't match anything else I own, but it's still pretty.

I know it's not anywhere near Christmas time, but I couldn't leave these out if I am talking about glitter! Maybe you could call them upside down Easter eggs?

This is amazing, and the fact that it is only $20 is even more amazing! Can you imagine what you would have to pay for this in a little specialty decor shop?

This is a great purse charm/keychain. I love that chunky pink glitter. And the ribbon adds such a nice touch.

This is probably my favorite, just because I love roses. I'm not a brooch girl, but I'm sure I could find a suitable place for this.

I know this was late, and a little sparse, but I am hoping to get back on track this week. I know, I know, I've been saying that all week. Just bear with me a bit, as I try and juggle business and life. It may get hard, but I couldn't ask for a better job!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Another Small Delay

I will try my hardest to post this week's Things I Love Thursday tomorrow or this weekend. Not exactly on Thursday, but better late than never? I am going through some personal stuff this week and it has gotten me really off schedule. I apologize for that, but unfortunately, things come up. I want to thank you all for your patience.

Please remember, we are working to raise $50 for the San Diego Humane Society this month. Help me to help them. 10% of ALL the profits will go to the Humane Society. Let me know that you find out about this project from my blog and I will donate 50% of the profits from your purchase. Yes, HALF! Let's meet our goal and then some!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Sneak Peeks

Here are some pictures of the pieces I plan on listing this week. I am on schedule as far as pricing and other paperwork goes, so I should be able to start the listing process. Until then, here are some of the pictures to give you an idea of what will be coming soon. Remember, I currently list ONLY at my Artfire shop.

**And please keep in mind we are trying to raise $50 for the San Diego Humane Society. I will deduct ten percent from each item sold to donate, and will continue to do so until we reach our goal.**

Look for these and more to debut this week. And of course, I am always creating more. Always. Even if you don't see them right away, rest assured, the creation process is taking place. Remember, we are raising money to help animals, so help me to help them! If you mention that you found out about the charity from my blog, I will donate 50% of the profits from the piece(s) you buy to this month's charity! Yes, HALF of the profit from that piece will go to the San Diego Humane Society. All you have to do is mention that you found out about the charity promotion on this blog, in the notes to seller section or just send me an Artfire message.

Thank you so much!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Slight Delay

So there was a slight delay last week, concerning pricing and listing of jewelry pieces. I have fibromyalgia, a condition characterized by chronic pain and fatigue, and it decided to flare up around Wednesday. I was hoping it wouldn't stick around, but unfortunately it did. But I am doing a little better, now, so tomorrow I will do the final pricing and hopefully start the listing process soon after.

For the month of March, I want to begin a Featured Charity campaign. Each charity will be featured for the duration it takes to raise a certain amount of money. Instead of changing them monthly, I will set a goal, and continue to donate 10% of ALL sales to that charity until the goal is reached. Once it is reached, I will move onto a new charity.

The first charity is a local one, the San Diego Human Society. I think we all know what the humane society does, but for those that don't, here is a bit about them, from their own website:

"Serving San Diego County since 1880, the San Diego Humane Society and SPCA provides vital services to animals and people alike through sheltering and adopting animals, providing positive reinforcement behavior training for adoptable animals and for owned animals through public training classes, investigating animal cruelty and neglect, providing adult and youth education programs, sharing animals through Pet-Assisted Therapy and rescuing animals in emergency situations.

A private nonprofit organization that receives no public or government funding, the San Diego Humane Society and SPCA is supported solely by contributions, grants, bequests, investments, proceeds from its retail outlets and some fees for service."

They are a great organization, not just in San Diego, but all over the United States. Please consider your local Humane Society the next time you are looking for a companion animal.

I am going to set the goal at $50, for at least one month. If we reach the goal before the month is over, I will continue the campaign and make as much money as possible. Otherwise, I will continue until our goal is reached, then choose a new charity.

As for actual jewelry creating and designing, I have come into some really fun beads, which are also extremely affordable, so I hope to add a lot more Recession Friendly pieces made with these beads. They are colorful and have rhinestones! Look for some fun, colorful, slightly 80s inspired jewelry very soon. I have also been using gemstones, of course, and a lot of faceted glass.

I also have some features I would like to add to this blog. One being a feature on websites I love ordering from. Not the big ones, like Sephora or Nordstrom's, but the little family-run businesses. I will also post jewelry sneak peeks, where you can see the jewelry before I list it for sale on Artfire. I would also like to add a Gem of the Month addition, with information on gemstones, including spiritual, metaphysical, folklore and general information. Also, I will offer discounts on pieces which feature the Gem of the Month, special offers ONLY for my blog readers. It may be a percentage off, it may be free shipping. Every month will showcase a new gemstone. I am hoping to add the first some time this week. And I am also considering a giveaway, where you either get the piece listed, free with no strings attached, or you pay a small amount which will go 100% to a charity. So stay with me for all of these new and exciting ideas I have.

As I said, I am still creating, and though the fibromyalgia has delayed me, I am back on my feet and already catching up. I'd like to thank everyone, right now, for reading and visiting any other sites I am on. I appreciate it and all of you, which is why I want to do special things for all of you.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Things I Love Thursdays: Hot Pink

Here it is, week 2 of Things I Love Thursday. I want to make it a little clearer now exactly what this is, because I am coming out with a similar weekly theme, and I don't want anyone to be confused. Things I Love Thursdays showcases a random assortment of items that fit under the weekly theme. The theme is something I currently love. Last week, it was cupcakes, and I featured an assortment of cupcake products that I loved. This week, I am loving hot pink (okay, to be honest, I always love it) and will feature items that I love that incorporate hot pink. All the items, every week, will be handmade. They will come from etsy, artfire, or other websites featuring only items made by hand. It's pretty simple, really, but I wanted to make the distinction, because I want to also feature wishlist items that are from retail sites.

Enough chatter, though, let's get on to this week's theme: hot pink!

This is an adorable lamp by Shades of Splendor. This is not just the lampshade, it includes the base. There are silk gardenias, and look at all that cute pink ruffle trim. The store also has a lot of other cute lamps.

Here is a really cute sweatshirt that is hand painted! Wendy Marsh's shop is full of cute, hand-embellished clothing. I really like this sweatshirt, it screams SPRING!

For those of you who don't know, I love unicorns. And this is one of the cutest specimens I've seen! Wicked Minky painted this unicorn by hand onto clear plastic, then sealed it. She has a lot of other hand-painted jewelry, and these pieces are very unique.

Here is a gorgeous, hand-painted silk scarf. It features a lovely rose print and is eye-catching without being too much. This is really a stunner, and Morgan Silk's shop is full of them!

This is a belt buckle! If I wore a belt, I would be sure to have this buckle on hand for those days I want to be noticed. I love these damask-like prints! If you need a belt to go with it, no worries, Ann Margaret's SpecialT's shop has just the belt. Not only belts and buckles, but jewelry and bookmarks, too!

I don't normally like the green and pink pairing, but something about this soap makes me like it. It is just so visually appealing. This soap from Bare Bumm Bath is scented with a Juicy Couture dupe, a fruity floral mix of watermelon, mandarin, green apple, tuberose, rose, lily, caramel and vanilla. The bar is completely vegan and loaded with shea butter.

Here is a new shop, or at least, new to me. I love the bangles, and I love the themes taken from mehndi and tattoo culture. This bracelet was meant for Valentine's day, but hearts and flowers are always in season! These are made of natural wood and she has a lot of them for sale. Bajidoo's shop is full of cute bangles, but she also has some other great jewelry pieces. Do not be surprised if you see more of her work featured in lists of things I love or want!

Now this is just a treasure. The beadwork alone is amazing, I can't imagine the time that went into this. But add to that, it's hand-knitted as well! There are over three THOUSAND tiny little seed beads!! This is the perfect purse to grab when you just need a few things, lipstick, ID, credit card, the essentials. And this will certainly get you noticed! At $105, you might think it is expensive. But as a beader, I can say that handling those teeny tiny little beads is worth every penny! Add to that, she's knitting as well. That's not easy and it takes time. But the result is very worth it! Please check out the shop because she has a LOT of cute things.

And last, but certainly not least, is this stunning dress. The shop owner says it is completely hand made, and if that is true, it is a steal at only $179. This is the dress I wish I could have worn to my prom. It is just gorgeous. All of the dress in the shop are amazing. Judge for yourself whether they are completely hand made, but either way, they are lookers.

Like I said in my last entry, more new things to come soon, so be sure to check back often. Thanks!

Creating and Ideas

I know I have been a bit MIA, both here and at artfire. I have, however, been using that time wisely, in creating pieces, taking pictures, ordering supplies, the usual business stuff. Being the start of a new month, it's time for me to start all my new paperwork for the month, and that takes a while because I admittedly over-manage everything now in an effort to simplify things later. I'll let you know someday if it works.

I have a lot of new ideas for this blog and for my pieces. I am hoping to begin expanding upon them and implementing them starting this month. I will let you all in later, this is just a quick update to let you know that yes, I am indeed still around. No, I have not forgotten about the beginning of the Charity of the Month program I am offering, I will post more information on that tomorrow morning. Along with week two of Things I Love Thursday.

Yes, I have created new pieces, I have taken pictures, I have even edited said pictures. I am hoping to begin listing tomorrow, but they will definitely be up by or on Friday. And of course, I continue to work on new pieces. I am trying to have a nice balance of my usual pieces and Recession Friendly pieces. I know times are hard and prices are up on just about everything, but I have so far been lucky enough to keep a pretty good amount of less expensive materials on hand. The more money I save on materials, the more money I can save you on jewelry. I have some flashy little beads I can't wait to start using, and I should be able to keep getting the same low price so I am hoping you all love them as much as I do! Cute and affordable, what more could you ask for?? I am also still able to get a limited variety of gemstones, so for the time being, Recession Friendly pieces can and will feature genuine gemstones. I am working on adding both necklaces and rings to the selection and will be sure to keep you posted on that.

I will update with a lot more information later, including Things I Love Thursday and a general rundown of the ideas I am planning to implement soon. Just thought I would pop in to say a quick hello, so, "Hello!"

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