Thursday, February 12, 2009


Hello. Welcome to Moonlight Eternal's blog! Moonlight Eternal currently specializes in jewelry. All of my jewelry designs are one of kind. I create beautiful, unique pieces for a beautiful, unique you.

I'd like to introduce you to the person behind Moonlight Eternal--namely, me. My name is Charlotte. I am 21 years old. I have fibromyalgia, and because of that, I find it difficult to maintain a steady job. I have wanted to design and create my own items since as far back as I remember, but I never thought I would actually be able to achieve such a goal. Mainly because of the fibromyalgia, which flairs unpredictably, and has often confined me to my home. But also for other reasons, especially financial, and recently, because of our economic status. But I came to realize that it is now or never. This is a way for me to keep doing what I love while making an income. It is something I can do, even when the fibro is flaring. I can't do it very long, perhaps, but a half hour here and a half hour there add up. I make all my pieces first, then list them, so I don't have to worry that an order will come in that I won't feel up to filling. All I have to do is ship.

Another reason is that, right now, I have no major obligations that could be harmed because of this business--no husband, no children, no mortgage payments or car payments. If I crash and burn, I do it alone. I hated the thought that, by the time it was the "right time" for me to try this, I would have too many obligations that I wouldn't be able to risk. I also don't have other obligations to juggle between this and the fibromyalgia--I would rather not overreach myself and end up the worse for wear unless it is necessary.

Furthermore, I have never liked the idea of working for someone else. I knew I wanted to work on my own, or at least, not for the traditional boss. Eventually, I came to realize that the best way to go about that, for me, was to own my own small business. So I learned how to go about becoming a business. Laws and regulations. Federal, state, city, and county regulations. I read business books. I read articles online. I talked to others who had the type of business I wanted.

It took me two years to open shop. In that time, I made sure this was really what I wanted. Something I loved doing. I researched other shops. Saw what they were doing, whether I would buy a piece, why or why not. I studied prices and trends. I looked over various sites on which to sell my products. Whether I wanted to sell solely online, or online and craft shows or farmer's markets. I decided what I wanted out of this experience, and what I needed to do to get it. I made sure I knew what I was doing, especially in regards to taxes and laws. I went through each legal hoop, step by step, to finally come to where I am today.

As for more about my pieces, I love the feeling of taking a plain piece of wire and a bead and turning it into wearable art. I can not draw at all, so this is one way for me to still be involved in art, without having to be able to draw. I favor gemstones and pearls, but I am equal opportunity when it comes to beads, I love all types. Don't be surprised to find crystals, swarovski crystals, glass, vintage beads, lucite, wood, acrylic, shell, or resins in my pieces. I am drawn to pretty things, whatever their material.

I favor romantic, classic designs, timeless beauty. But I also create modern, eclectic pieces that are new and will outlast the 'trends'. I generally do not bead weave, as I just don't have the patience! I prefer to work with wire, beading wire, and findings. The list of my favorite gemstones keeps growing and growing as I hold a strand of this or a few of that in my hand. Currently, I am enjoying crafting with amazonite, garnet, tiger eye, obsidian, moonstone, rose quartz and various agates.

I have a lot of ideas on ways to grow and which directions to expand in. New products to introduce. There are always ideas and designs dancing in my head. I will eventually get to those ideas here. I will also post sales announcements and discounts here. Provide sneak peek photos of pieces before I list them. And discuss any new items, gems, beads, or products I am working on.

Thank you and welcome!

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