Thursday, February 26, 2009

Things I Love Thursday: Cupcakes

Here's a new feature I'm hoping to get to every week: Things I Love Thursday. In case that isn't self-explanatory enough, it's pretty simple. Every week--every Thursday--I will post a list of things I currently love, each revolving around a certain theme. Like I said, pretty simple.

Today's theme is cupcakes. I just think they are so adorable! Funnily enough, I don't actually like to eat cupcakes. I just like the way they look. And smell. I have a lot of picks in a lot of different categories, so sit back and enjoy the eye candy. Or maybe we should say, the eye cupcakes!

Cards: Cupcake-y sentiments.

This is such a cute little card! I especially love the glitter accents. This card is blank so you can add your own message and comes with a plain envelope. Check out their other items.

This one is sweet and simple, complete with a cherry on top. This birthday card is stamped inside with the cutest sentiment: You deserve a day sprinkled with fun! Includes a white envelope. Be sure to check out her other cards.

For those of us who love all things pink, including our cupcakes! I know Valentine's day is over, but there is always next year. But there are other cards by the same designer, if you are looking for something different.

And just in time for Spring: A blank card ready for whatever occasion crops up! Be sure to check out the rest of their cards, all of which are just as adorable as this one!

Bath and Body Cupcakes: Cupcake your beauty routine.

Here's a whipped shea and aloe body cream that looks dreamy and creamy from Hendrick's Hearth. This is just shea and aloe, both of which are soothing and moisturizing.

Here is a great cupcake soap. Yes, soap! They come in many scents and look good enough to eat. Check out their other products.

This cupcake-scented goat's milk soap is just beautiful; those are jojoba bead 'sprinkles' which do more than look pretty: they also help exfoliate skin! The Pink Bow Bath Boutique is just getting started, but if this soap is any indication, they will keep turning out pretty bath products.

Doctor Sweet Tooth is high up on my list of shops to try next. The products look gorgeous and the scents sound delicious. This is a bath bomb/bubble bath duo in cupcake form. This is life size at 5.5 ounces (that's about the size of a whole bar of cold processed soap!).

Patterns: To make your own cupcake-y treasures!

These felt cupcakes are so cute! I have no idea what one would do with them, but they would sure look pretty sitting on my dresser... This is about the closest you can get to instant gratification: Purchase and pay, and you get a PDF pattern that you can use right away! There's a special going on right now: Buy three patterns, get one free!

Here's a crochet pattern for cupcakes and more! This pattern is for the four cupcakes, a 13 inch three layer cake, and a pie! This pattern will be your in less than 24 hours once purchased. Check out the rest of the patterns!

Accessories: Cupcakes, cupcakes, everywhere!

This is a felt hair clip perfect for all ages of cupcake lovers. There are a lot of other designs, so check out Cutesie Clips for all of your cute hair clip needs.

Here's a super-cute applique that you can apply just about anywhere, to have your cupcake always at hand. Be sure to check out the rest of the iron-on patches available!

And our last cupcake of the day is an all purpose little pouch. It is 6.5"x5", with a zipper, making it perfect storage for all those small 'essentials' floating around in our purses. If you think this is cute, you'll love the rest of their bags!

I hope you enjoyed week one of Things I Love Thursday. Have a specific theme you'd like to see? Let me know, and maybe I'll find more things I love to share with everyone. Have a great night!


Mandy said...

Too cute!! :) *HUGS*

Crystal Velvet Weddings said...

what a fantastic collection of cupcakes. The trouble is they all look good enough to eat....

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