Tuesday, February 24, 2009

On To Creating More

I listed two more items today, I only have one left to list, but that one still needs more pictures. So tomorrow will definitely be devoted to the creation process. It actually isn't a process, to be honest. I sort of just pick out something that looks good to work with then, well, work with it! Sometimes I'm in a green mood, so maybe I'll go to some green glass beads. Then I'll find something that goes with that. Decide where I want to take it. And generally, in the process, I'll find something to match item B, and then I'll find something to match that! And on it goes, until I need to stop. I seem to make the same number of pieces whether I take a lot of breaks whenever I need to, or if I take breaks only after completely finishing the piece. So I take a lot of breaks whenever I need to. This does mean that it seems to take me longer, but taking a lot of breaks also enables me to create for longer periods of time without too much pain.

So when/how/why do I stop? It depends. Sometimes a break will turn into lunch, will turn into dishes, will turn into xyz, and other things come up. Or else, I find other things to come up, such as email, designing, or paperwork, in which case I realize the muse has left the building. Sometimes, it's like I can literally feel her withdrawing, and I will just suddenly know I have to stop. Some people, whatever they do, can sit down and tell themselves: create. I am not one of those people. I need inspiration. But I am lucky in that I never seem to run out of ideas and inspiration for very long. My mind jumps from thought to though, and my muse and creativity work in the same way! I am also lucky in that I can sometimes channel that inspiration. I can't sit down and force myself to create, but I can save that burst of creativity for later. Best of all, I am easily inspired; all I have to do is browse through my beads to find ideas!!

But when it is time to stop, it is time to stop. Sometimes my body tells me when and sometimes it's my muse. I've tried to "push on", but if it's my body telling me to stop, it's pretty futile to rebel. If I am working long enough for my hands to ache, I've been working too long; not only does this add pain to whatever else I am feeling, but it's difficult to create anything with your hands when said hands hurt. It takes me longer to finish things and I am not as skilled. I refuse to tolerate sloppy work, whatever the reason. I would rather stop for the day or the hour and come back later and do GOOD work, then get in another hour or two of bad work. And if my muse has fled, there's nothing left. I've learned to not even bother, because everything takes three times longer than it should. My work ends up sloppy. You can tell that the spark just isn't in the piece. And I refuse to make jewelry under those conditions, because each piece is special to me, and more importantly, special to you. I like to think my pieces have an inner spark, a tiny little piece of life to them. That is what makes them special. If they no longer have that spark, are no longer special, then I might as well have bought the piece off the rack for all the life in it.

One last little note. Beginning in March, I will debut a charity of the month. What that means is that, each month, I will donate proceeds to a different charity. I might donate 10% of my TOTAL profits for that month. Or I may make specific pieces just for the donation event and donate the total profits from each specific piece. There may be months where I do both, for two different charities. I will give full details in a couple days, including which charity will be featured. If you have any specific charities near and dear to your heart, feel free to offer up suggestions. I can't promise I'll use them, but it's worth a try.

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