Sunday, February 15, 2009

New Pieces

I have a few new pieces that I have to take pictures of and list. I thought I would give a little sneak preview of each piece before listing them.

I have been loving tiger eye lately. In pretty much all forms. I had some larger round tiger eye beads, so I used them to make a very pretty, simple necklace. It is comprised of the tiger eye and amber seed beads. It is a shorter necklace, maybe an inch or two more than a choker. I also made another necklace, featuring three types of tiger eye: rounds, chips, and faceted briolettes. This necklace uses smaller tiger eye rounds, accented by gold seed beads that are repurposed from an old piece of jewelry. They may be vintage, but I am not sure how old the piece was. Hanging from the necklace to form a 'fan' are the tiger eye chips. And dangling at the end are the faceted briolettes. It has a vaguely tribal feel to it, but the faceted tiger eyes give it a touch of sparkle.

I also made two pairs of tiger eye earrings. The first pair is very simple, just three looped beads, two of fire-polished czech beads, and one small tiger eye round. These earrings give you a way to wear dangles, without feeling they are too much or over-the-top.

The second pair is a bit more complex. My purpose today, when I sat down to create some earrings, was to create simple earrings that are both affordable and cute. I strayed a bit with these in terms of simple, but they are pretty. They are 3 strand chandelier, with topaz colored Swarovski crystal, tiger eye rounds, and tiger eye faceted briolettes. These earrings have a lot of sparkle. For a chandelier type earring, they are simple and low-key.

The third pair of earrings I made today did fulfill the requirments. It is a single pearl, a creamy peach color, between dainty silver bead caps. They are very delicate and girly, and a nice variation from the usual pearl studs.

The last pair of earrings features a very pretty green glass bead. It is swirled with white, and reminds me of spring grass. They are also pretty and simple, with a silver lined seed bead underneath, and featuring the green glass round between silver bead caps.

I am hoping I can create more simple and affordable earrings, I am planning to create $12 and under earrings. I will also be working on lower-cost jewelry in other areas, such as necklaces and bracelets.

One note about my shops on artfire and etsy. Right now, I am focusing more attention on my artfire shop, because I am getting more hits there. Also, it is not uncommon for my prices to be lower on artfire, because artfire does not charge me a listing fee or take a fee when I sell something, which etsy does do. This is not to say all my prices there are lower, but some pieces will be. Please don't think this means I do not take care of my etsy shop, because I am still very active there and I do check my shops--both of them--multiple times. Don't hesitate to convo me on etsy. I say this simply because many of my newer pieces will be posted on artfire first, to help save customers some money.

Don't ever hesitate to contact me at either site, or here. I am now off to take pictures, and hopefully upload a piece or two tonight. Thank you!

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