Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Features and Ideas

You may have noticed some new stuff decorating my blog. The first and most exciting one is the rapid cart, which you will see directly to your right. This amazing little program will let you purchase items without an artfire account. Furthermore, you do not even have to leave the page! In 28 seconds, you can buy a piece of jewelry! 28! Ladies, are your boyfriends complaining about what a huge 'ordeal' it is to buy you jewelry? They have no excuse anymore! Send them here and in less than half a minute, bam! You have jewelry! The list shows random selections from my shop. You can either refresh the page to see more or click to view my studio where all of my designs are displayed.

Secondly, beneath that is the shopping window. This window displays a random assortment of handmade items. EVERY item displayed is handmade. Click the item and you are taken directly to the item's page. These are not created by me, this is just me doing my part to encourage everyone to buy handmade! It's good for everyone, and it's a great way to help the economy, by supporting American crafters!

Just a reminder, March heralds the first Charity of the Month. I still have not decided on the specific charity, so if you have suggestions, feel free. April's charity will be something to benefit the planet in honor of Earth Day.

I am also planning an item of the week segment, where I feature handmade items that catch my eye, and share them with all of you. These will not be my items, they will be from a variety of artisans.

But speaking of my pieces, I did get around to creating a bracelet using more rhodonite carved flowers. I will get to pictures tomorrow, and hopefully more pieces. My muse was just not on my side today.

And lastly, I am also considering a series of posts on various gemstones--their history, myths and lore, metaphysical and healing properties, general specifications, etc. With each entry, I'll post a variety of jewelry that fits that post's theme.

I am hoping to implement many more features and ideas eventually, but these are the ones I am currently focusing on.

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Mandy said...

I love all your ideas! :)

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