Sunday, February 22, 2009

More New Listings and an Announcement

I still have a couple of things left to post, one needs a couple more pictures. You can find these items at Artfire.

Also, I have decided that, until further notice, I will NOT be listing any new items on etsy. I will leave what items I have listed up until they expire. I cannot say if or when I will return to posting on etsy. When they have cleaned up their practices and begin to treat ALL of their sellers fairly, then I will consider rejoining the community. I won't get into all of the reasons behind this decision more than to say I will wait for them to treat us fairly, treat us equally, find a modicum of consistency, and be more open and honest with us, the community. As it stands, I simply cannot invest money into a marketplace I am not 100% confident in.

I encourage everyone to give artfire a try. Artfire cares about its users, both the buyers and sellers. They are in this for us, not for the money. It's not just a job for them, and we aren't just little dollar signs. The staff routinely answers questions in the forums, I have yet to see them close or lock a post. If something is wrong, there is a bug, or anything of that nature, they are not afraid to say, You are right, I will get someone on it right away. Even better--they actually do it! They are working very hard to help artfire grow as a community and a marketplace, they constantly rework and rethink everything to make it the best it can be. If we have a suggestion, it is listened to, and either acted upon or explained to us why it cannot be acted upon. They are not only staff, they too are a member of the community. Most importantly, they are on OUR side, not just in it for themselves.

It is a great community, with great staff and great sellers. It is still new, so many have not heard of artfire, and maybe you are wary of a relatively new comer. But trust me, they are in it for the long haul. And I know that many sellers are able to lower their prices because artfire does not nickel and dime us. For myself, there is AT LEAST a 50 cent difference in costs between the two sites. Now, 50 cents is not a lot, but it adds up. And the more expensive the item is, the higher the difference. I think the average is between 1 and 2 dollars. Per piece. With my artfire account, I only pay a one time fee (which is NOT required, I just enjoy the extra features it gives me). The fee is 7 dollars, and I know you are probably thinking that is a lot. But that is ONE fee a month. On etsy, I have to pay a fee and commission on EVERY piece. If I list 30 pieces a month, that is only a 23 cent charge per piece. It is the same charge per piece; it will not be a bigger charge for a more expensive piece. You will pay 23 cents for a 10 dollar item and you will pay the same 23 cents for a 100 dollar item. This saves me money, and in turn, it save you money!

My pieces currently on etsy are there to stay, but only until they expire in about 3 months. If, by then, I am not satisfied with the changes that may or may not occur, I will NOT list or relist anything. I will check back periodically, though, and always keep you guys updated. But for now, I suggest getting acquainted with artfire, because the site is amazing, the sellers are talented and friendly, and artfire as a whole is here to stay.

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