Tuesday, February 17, 2009

More items for the new line

I've updated my own records and hope to take pictures and list some new items tomorrow. I did list two new items today, one that I made yesterday, and one that I made a week or so ago and somehow, I hadn't caught that I hadn't checked it off the list. They are Aragonite and Calcite Bracelet and Perfectly Simple Tiger Eye Necklace.

All five listings I have planned for tomorrow meet the Recession Friendly requirements, under twenty dollars. The most expensive is a pair of chandelier earrings at fourteen dollars. There are two bracelets, at twelve dollars each. And two more pairs of earrings, both at ten dollars each. I am working on more pieces for this line, so be sure to check back at my artfire shop regularly.

I will also gradually move over some of my etsy items from etsy to my artfire account. Why? Well, to be perfectly honest, I prefer artfire. There are numerous different reasons, but one of the main ones is cost. It is a lot more cost-effective; they do not charge a listing fee or take a fee when I sell. Those are two less costs I need to tack onto my prices, savings which I can then pass on to you. For etsy fans, yes, I will keep my etsy shop open, I have no intentions of closing that shop anywhere in the near future. But I am focusing more on my artfire shop at the moment, promoting it more than I am the etsy. I do not think I will list any new items on etsy for the rest of the month. But I am still there, I constantly check that store (more than I should, I am sure!) and definitely reading and answering convos. Eventually, I would like to have a good mix between the stores, rotating items in and out as they expire. I may even open up shop(s) elsewhere. But this is in the future, and a long way away.

Besides designing, I have been catching up with a lot of paperwork. Stuff that I should keep updated as I go, but don't. These things include pricing. There is a process to figuring out how to price my products. Please don't think I make a product then simply tack on a price I'd like to get for it. It is a definite process, and for me, that means keeping really good records. I am the type that I need to see each step, and each step needs its own paperwork. I have pages of costs of materials, final pricing notes, labor time calculations, tedious paperwork like that. It is not hard, it is just not the most fun part of having a business.

So pictures and listing tomorrow. More Recession Friendly pieces to create. I am also in the process of designing hand made cards and different types and patterns, etc. I am hoping to get up Mother's Day cards, but hopefully I can get some other types up before then. I also have a lot of vintage jewelry my mother has cleaned out of her jewelry boxes, so I want to play with those a bit when I get the chance. Hopefully some time this week. But my main priority right now is to work on those Recession Friendly pieces.

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