Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Is Almost Here

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season! If you haven't finished your Christmas shopping, you better hurry! It'll be a risk to order online, even the post office can't guarantee delivery unless you get express. And this weekend is predicted to top even black friday sales, so be prepared to push yourself through some crowds at the mall!

I just want to wish everyone a very Happy Holidays in case I don't get around to it. It's been such a busy season! I never thought that, as a business selling primarily jewelry, I'd get so caught up in the rush, but it really allowed me to justify spending so much time on making ornaments. I've been decorating ornaments for personal use for a couple years, but not on a large scale. Just a few, as I had the time or inclination. It's fun, but can be very painstaking.

The swirls, for example, take a long time to make. I work in sections. I create the swirls first; as creative as I might seem, the swirls are about the limits of my painting ability. I use glitter paint, then top them with matching loose glitter. And then I wait while they dry. Each section has to completely dry, because I hold the ornaments to steady them while painting. Then I move on to the next section. Each section has to be small, too, so that I don't smudge anything when I set them down. I have tried setting them upside down on a pencil (with the tops removed, of course), but I don't like to take the chance the paint may run. All the time is worth it, though, in my opinion. And like I said, this year, I was able to justify the time spent to make a lot more than I usually do.

I was also able to venture out into new designs as well. The first (below) is my favorite. It's a clear ornament with a little tree and some snow inside. It reminds me of a snow globe. It was a hassle to glue the tree inside, especially to a curved bottom, but it was worth it. I might keep this one for myself rather than sell it next year. The next two incorporate ribbons, which I am using to incorporate into jewelry. Last year, I tried a couple ornaments with ribbon and it didn't turn out how I wanted. But I figured why not, and tried again. And I like to think it worked. The one with the snowflake trim occurred in much the same way. The swirled one was something I never got around to trying until this year. I have others made, I just didn't get them done in time. But that's okay, I got plenty done this year, and Christmas will come again! I have one with red and gold, red and green, gold and silver, and one with red, gold, and orange. They're very easy to do, but take even longer than the swirls! If you don't make sure the paint is dry between colors, they mix and smear. That's not as big a deal with red and gold as it is with red and green. It also takes a long time for the paint to dry, probably because of the shape of the ornament. The last ornament was an interesting idea, but I'm not sure if I'll make another like it. It's a bit too modern for my tastes when it comes to Christmas.

If you haven't noticed, I've added a new category for Bath and Body. I only have three samples available at the moment, but I hope to add more. I made bath and body products before discovering jewelry, but I've never sold any before. And once I found jewelry, I knew it was for me. Bath and body is fun and always an interesting experience, and I do love trying new ingredients and creating new recipes. But it will never be my main business, or even a large part of it any time soon. Bath and body is something I do as time allows and as I get the urge. Jewelry will always come first for me. But as I said, bath and body can be very fun. So when the urge takes me, I'll try this or that. If the end result lives up to my standards, I'll list what I have. When it comes to selling anything, my standards are high, so I and my family and friends use most of what I make!

I also want to point out that if I ever do make full sizes, they won't be in my main shop. They will go into my side shop on artfire, or my zibbet shop. I don't want to mix items too much as I find this confusing, and figure others must, too.

And speaking of my side shop... Destash items are here, as well. I'll be adding more as I convince myself to let go of my pretty sparklies and perhaps other craft supplies. First item ships free, to US and Canada. All items after the first are ten cents for US and fifty cents for Canada. But, as always, overages of a dollar are refunded. If you buy from both of my shops, I will be more than happy to combine shipping.

As always, thank you for reading! Thank you for viewing and buying as well, of course! Have a happy holiday and a great New Year!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Please donate!

In the current economic state, more people than ever before are going without food. For many, it's the choice between food and medicines or food or bills. Parents go hungry so their child can eat. Victims of the mortgage crisis have no where else to go, no one to turn to. With so many unemployed, with the risk of losing their unemployment payments, they have enough stress trying to keep a home and bills paid. Increasing food prices don't make it easier.

Please help me this holiday season to give back to those who need it most. All donations will be put towards the purchase of food that will be donated directly to the Food Bank.

10% of all my profits will be donated, but if you don't want an item in my shop, please use this donation button. Any donation will help, even a dollar.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday Sale!!

It's officially here, and has been for anyone on the East Coast. Black Friday. The day you shop til you drop--or at least take off a few of those Thanksgiving feast pounds!! I have some pretty amazing specials up and running. The best part? They last until Tuesday! That's right. Shop from the comfort of your home and enjoy sleeping in, you can shop any hour of any day until Tuesday. So what can you expect?

FREE US shipping for all orders over $15! Use code BFCMFREESHIP. Anything from any category, if it totals up to $15 you are in luck!

More? You bet! ALL Christmas items are 20% off! They're already discounted, so shop, shop, shop! Everything else--everything!--is 15%. And again, discount already applied. All you have to do is add them to your cart and enter your free shipping coupon!

Get 10% off orders of $25 and more. 15% off orders $30 and more. And 20% off orders $50 and up!

But wait, not done yet! (Does anyone else think I sound like a tacky infomercial host?) Every 5th order will receive an extra 5% off their purchase. Just because I can.

And last, there's a whole category on sale, with deep discounts.

You only need one coupon, that's for free shipping. For the sales, the discount has already been applied. As for the extra 5, 10, 15, and 20 % I will refund you via paypal. Or, if I don't get a payment in an hour, I'll send you a revised invoice.

Happy Holidays! Here are just some of the items that are 20% off!

And here are some items that are 15% off (and make great gifts!).

As always, thank you for reading! Visit my shop for even more gifts!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Christmas Update

So far, we've only raised $3.01 for the Food Bank. Come on guys, let's go! 10% of profits go towards the purchase of food to be donated. If you don't see anything you want to buy in my shop, you can make a direct donation. Even a dollar will help. It's completely safe and secure and paypal accepts major credit cards even if you don't have a paypal account.

I have purchased 2 items already, a box of macaroni and cheese and some canned fruit. I'll keep you all informed of food purchases.

And here are some of my Christmas items. It's almost here, you know. Very close. Shop early to save!

Christmas jewelry:

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Christmas Designs

I've been awful at updating lately, so sorry! Been fighting a persistent cold--seems like everyone else is too!--which has triggered a bit of a flare with my fibromyalgia. But don't worry, I have been working! Just not promoting and keeping in touch as much.

I currently have 6 different Christmas ornament designs for sale. So far, 5 of those are sold in pairs, and one is sold on its own. If you haven't noticed, the designs are swirls. Personally, I have yet to encounter someone who doesn't like swirls, but I'm sure you're out there somewhere! But I love swirls. I think they are timeless and versatile. They can portray old-world charm or modern design. They can be "dressed" up or down, so to speak. The design itself matches everything. It can be a subtle background or a bold flourish. The swirls can be big or small, they can stand alone or connect. I just like how easy it is to work with them given all their charm.

You might also notice that all but one are glittery. This is because...well, because I love glitter!! I always love it, but it really is a must for Christmas! All those softly twinkling lights make the glitter sparkle so beautifully. Most of my designs do incorporate glitter. There will be a couple more ornaments without glitter, but not many. Not in the batch I'm currently working, anyway. But I go to the craft store tomorrow so who knows what might catch my eye!!

The next ornaments to come out are a pair or blue ornaments with green swirls; white/silver frosty ornaments with red swirls; white/silver frosty ornaments with blue swirls; I believe another pair of blue ornaments with silver swirls; at least one green ornament with red swirls; and one frosty silver/white ornament covered in iridescent glitter. I'm half-way through a pair of silver/white frosty ornaments with gold swirls; red ornaments with gold swirls; and a frosty silver/white ornament with silver swirls.

I also have some Christmas-themed earrings. More of these are on their way! I have a sort of burnt umber color, green, red, and I believe I might have some gold. I make no promises, but I think I might have a pair of black mini ornaments. Those should go up this week. I also have the most unique winter earrings! I can't describe them, but look for them this week, too! They are sort of like a star or snowflake, but with a lot more points, white with iridescent glitter. You'll just have to wait and see the listing, words can't describe these. I am in the middle of a couple pair of mini ornaments with rhinestones on them, as well. I also have a pair or two of snowman earrings.

I'm also working a bit on bath and body recipes. No promises on these. For now, I'm going to stick with small amounts, I'm busy enough as it is right now with jewelry, ornaments, and all the rest that comes with owning a business and Christmas around the corner! That said, I'll probably list mostly samples to get some feedback. Right now, I'm sticking to different kinds of bath salts and milk baths. I can't say if I'll ever make more bath and body supplies. I would love to, but like I said, I'm busy enough as it is. The best I can say is that a few different products will pop up now and then, as time allows for me to play around with scents and recipes.

As always, I thank you for reading and shopping with Moonlight Eternal! Look for something super special on Black Friday AND Cyber Monday! I'm also working on some more give aways. Here are the Christmas items so far, enjoy!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Sale! 25% Off!

Quick update to let everyone know that I am having a sale. Use code: HALLOWEEN to receive 25% off all Halloween and Autumn pieces. This coupon will ONLY work for items in the category Halloween and the category Autumn. I can not guarantee anything arriving in time for Halloween. But here are some figures: USPS First Class mail takes an average of 3 days. Priority takes 2 days. If you want to upgrade shipping to Priority, please let me know. Like I said, I can't offer any guarantees, but there's a good chance it will get to you.

I will get the give-away up ASAP. Right now, it's a pair of ghost earrings, but if I can't get it up in time for someone to receive before Halloween (and it looks like that might be the case) I will pick out something new. I'm not sure what yet, but I'll think of something.

What I can tell you is some of the upcoming give away items. I can't promise what form they will come in, but look for pieces made with Christmas ornaments, green and red, blue and white/silver, white and silver, bells, silk flowers/leaves, and any novelties I can find.

Remember, use code HALLOWEEN to receive 25% off all items in the Halloween category and Autumn category. I thank you for reading and supporting Moonlight Eternal.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Give Away 2!

Time for another give away!! I'm trying for a give away every week or every other week as time allows. So here is another one! This one is a little different. This time, I want you to guess the gemstone. The picture below is a gemstone that I have used in more than one of my pieces. Just guess what it is. This will run until someone guesses. You can guess more than once. The first person to guess correctly will win. Here's the gem:

And here's the prize:
Acrylic Pumpkin Earrings. These little pumpkins are an Autumn yellow/gold on copper findings. Copper just screams Autumn, don't you think?? They are adorned with a gold faceted Czech glass bead. These look clunky, I promise they aren't. They aren't anywhere near as heavy as they look!

To enter, scroll down to the bottom of this post. There should be a link that says: Leave A Comment. Alternately, you can leave me a comment on my Facebook Page. Or you can email me at: I'll notify you as soon as you win and get your earrings on their way to you soon after!

Good luck everyone!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Halloween Sale!

Halloween is tied with Christmas for my favorite holiday. I could never choose one over the other because they are so different for me, different themes and feelings and times of year, of course. But today is very special. According to my Halloween Countdown Application (above), there are 13 days until Halloween. Yes, 13. 13 is a spooky number, I'm not sure why and it doesn't matter. What does matter is that, until October 31, EVERYTHING in my shop is 13% off! Just use code: 13DAYS No spaces.

Visit MoonlightEternal's Studio
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Use Coupon Code:
during checkout.

Here are some Halloween items that might whet your appetite...for blood. Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Remember, 13DAYS for 13% off EVERYTHING, not just Halloween items! Expires the 31st!

I also have crowns and headpieces that would make great additions to a Halloween costume!

Remember, 13DAYS for 13% off!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Give Away Contest!

Something special today! My very first give away contest! This one is for a set of three stretch bracelets in Halloween colors. Entering is very simple. All you have to do is guess how many beads are in the container. Whoever is closest wins!

Click on the pictures to see a larger image. This first one might help you out.

This is how tall the container is.
And how big across (3.5 inches).
Side view. There are no tiny seed beads in this mix. All but a few are a quarter of an inch or longer.

This might help put things into perspective: the yellow beads are the longest, at one inch and a quarter long.

So how many beads are there? Whoever is closest wins! Here are some pictures of the prize.

You will receive three stretch bracelets, perfect for Halloween!

But orange and black aren't just for Halloween. The black stretch bracelet will go with everything you have.

And if you love orange, you're in luck, too!

So, there it is: guess the number of beads and win a prize. You have until October 13 to enter. Just leave a comment with your guess!

Friday, September 25, 2009

New Items (Pic Heavy)

A LOT of new Halloween jewelry, many of these are not listed yet, I have a lot of work ahead of me when it comes to listing. I've been so busy creating all these new items I haven't had the chance yet! Please, please, please read the entry after this! It's all about my sale. In a nut shell, 3 months until Christmas, shop early, shop handmade, use coupon code SEPT25 for 25% off, ends Monday. If only I could always be so concise!

These are some simple hoops, the hoops are an inch across. I love these hoops, they're so easy to wear.

This is a choker (or a short necklace) made of black beading cord and orange Swarovski Crystals. I love Swarovski (which I believe is very obvious!). This design is based on a "floating" illusion necklace, except that I use black cord, not transparent.

More hoops and more Swarovski. Swarovski crystals feature heavily in my Halloween items (in most items, actually). I also plan to use them heavily in Christmas designs.

This is a memory wire bracelet. You can't tell, I know. It looks like a dangle, both on and off, but it doesn't actually meet in the middle. The ends meet in a circle, but they are separate, like a coil. I recently used my small bit of memory wire and fell in love, so I bought more. I still have some for rings that I like to use, and I have memory wire for necklaces, but have yet to use it. I buy a bunch of craft things I find interesting to "try someday".

Super sparkles! Faceted Czech glass beads and Swarovski crystals. I don't think too many would argue with me when I say that outside of Swarovski, Czech glass is the best. Swarovski is glass, but I don't see them as being very comparable, like comparing a banana to a grapefruit. Swarovski does its thing with perfect faceting, clarity, sparkle and quality. That's not to say Czech glass doesn't do that. There is just a subtle difference between crystal and glass. Faceted glass beads tend to have softer faceting, where Swarovski crystal has sharp facets to best catch and reflect the light.

More Swarovski crystals!
These are more faceted glass beads and round orange beads.

One of my favorite pieces! Every month, there are generally a few items I make that I really love. I mean, I love all of them, but some are just extra special to me. Even as I'm tempted to keep it, it makes me so happy and excited when someone else buys the piece, because that means they feel the same as me! Anyway, this is a black velvet choker with a raven dangle. The reason I really love this piece is because The Raven, by Edgar Allen Poe, is the first poem I ever read (we won't count Dr. Seuss!) and it was that poem which got me interested in Edgar Allen Poe's work, which eventually led to my love for poetry from pre-20th century poets.

These are so cute. I'm very pleased with these earrings, because those cute little pumpkins are not "beads" and were not intended to be "beads" (I use the quotation marks because, technically, if it has a whole and you can string it, it can be a bead in my world). They are supposed to be decorative, I'm not sure how or what for, exactly, but they were near the floral section. I didn't know they had a hole in them when I bought them, so I was thinking of wire wrapping them or maybe gluing them to rings and bracelets. But when I examined them, I was happily surprised to see they did indeed have a hole!

Three simple stretch bracelets in classic Halloween colors. If you like these bracelets, you might want to read tomorrow's post. They might possibly be part of a give away...but you didn't hear it from me.

Orange and black Czech glass and, of course, Swarovski crystals. These can be found here.
Another memory wire bracelet, more Czech glass and Swarovski crystals. This can be found here.
All Swarovski crystals. These can be found here.
More hoops and more Swarovskis! These can be found here.
More Swarovskis, these in classic Autumn shades. These can be found here.

As always, thank you for reading! I appreciate your business, and your attention! Remember, coupon code SEPT25 will get you 25% off everything in my shop!

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